JDK 10 enters Rampdown Phase One in one week

mark.reinhold at oracle.com mark.reinhold at oracle.com
Thu Dec 7 15:58:44 UTC 2017

JDK 10 will enter Rampdown Phase One in one week, on Thursday, 14
December.  Changes intended for JDK 10 should be in the main-line
repository (http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk/jdk), or one of the two
repositories that feed it (jdk/hs or jdk/client), by 16:00 UTC on
that day [1].

After next week's build (jdk-10+36) is promoted we'll open a jdk/jdk10
repository, initialized from that tag in the main line, to host the
remaining stabilization work for JDK 10.  This will include any last
changes that trickle in from jdk/hs and jdk/client, most likely early
the following week.  Further JDK 10 EA builds will be done from this

We'll semi-automatically merge changes pushed to JDK 10 into the
main-line jdk/jdk repository, as we did for the transition from JDK 9
to JDK 10.  This means that:

  - If you make a change in JDK 10 then you needn't do any extra
    work to get it into the main line, though if a merge conflict
    arises then you might be asked to help resolve it.

  - If you need to make a change in both JDK 10 and the main line
    then just push it to JDK 10, and wait for the automatic merge
    to complete.

Changes pushed into the main-line repositories (jdk/{jdk,client,hs})
after the above deadline will be destined for JDK 11 unless they're
back-ported.  When back-ports turn out to be necessary then they'll be
easier to do than in the past: Duplicate bugids are permitted in the
new repository layout, so a change can be pushed to both code lines
using the same bugid if needed.

The Rampdown Phase One process will be similar to that of JDK 9 [2].
I'll post a detailed proposal for that shortly.

- Mark

[1] https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=JDK+10+Rampdown+Phase+One&iso=20171214T16
[2] http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jdk9/rdp-1

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