Proposed schedule for JDK 18.3

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at
Thu Oct 12 07:59:18 UTC 2017

On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 10:17 AM,  <mark.reinhold at> wrote:
> Here is a proposed schedule:
>   2017/12/14  Rampdown Phase One
>   2018/01/11  All Tests Run
>   2018/01/18  Rampdown Phase Two
>   2018/02/22  Final Release Candidate
>   2018/03/20  General Availability
> The milestone definitions are the same as for JDK 8 [1].
> There's no "Feature Complete" milestone since, in the six-month model,
> every feature must be complete before it's integrated.  The main
> development line is, in effect, always feature complete.  The set of
> features in the release contains all, and only, those features that
> are integrated ahead of Rampdown Phase One.

Hi Mark,

does this mean that the jdk-18.3 repository will be created (i.e.
forked) just before "Rampdown Phase One" is entered?

What will be the working model after the fork of jdk-18.3? Will bug
fixes for 18.3 have to go to jdk-dev first and then backported to
jdk-18.3 or can they be pushed right into jdk-18.3? In the latter
case, will there be an automatic integration process of fixes from
jdk-18.3 into jdk-dev?


> (What does it mean for a feature to be "complete"?  I'll propose a
>  detailed definition shortly.  It'll be along the lines of what the
>  milestone has always meant for past releases: A complete feature
>  includes, at the very least, all necessary code, specification text,
>  and unit tests.)
> Comments from JDK Committers are welcome, as are reasoned objections.
> If no such objections are raised by 18:00 UTC next Wednesday, 18 October,
> or if they're raised and then satisfactorily answered, then per the JEP
> 2.0 process proposal [2] this will be adopted as the schedule for JDK
> 18.3 (or whatever we wind up calling it).
> - Mark
> [1]
> [2]

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