Proposed schedule for JDK 18.3

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Fri Oct 13 00:43:26 UTC 2017

2017/10/12 0:59:18 -0700, volker.simonis at
> On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 10:17 AM, mark.reinhold at wrote:
>> ...
>> There's no "Feature Complete" milestone since, in the six-month model,
>> every feature must be complete before it's integrated.  The main
>> development line is, in effect, always feature complete.  The set of
>> features in the release contains all, and only, those features that
>> are integrated ahead of Rampdown Phase One.
> does this mean that the jdk-18.3 repository will be created (i.e.
> forked) just before "Rampdown Phase One" is entered?


> What will be the working model after the fork of jdk-18.3? Will bug
> fixes for 18.3 have to go to jdk-dev first and then backported to
> jdk-18.3 or can they be pushed right into jdk-18.3? In the latter
> case, will there be an automatic integration process of fixes from
> jdk-18.3 into jdk-dev?

Given the shorter stabilization period there likely won't be time for
every bug fix to percolate from the main line into the release repo, so
I expect that some (most?) fixes will go directly into the release repo.
We'll try to automate merges of such fixes back into the main line, as
we did for JDK 9.

- Mark

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