JEP 311: Java Packager API & CLI

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Thu Oct 19 23:07:35 UTC 2017

>> On Oct 19, 2017, at 4:31 PM, victor.drozdov at 
>> <mailto:victor.drozdov at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> On 10/19/17 2:23 PM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
>>> Michael Hall wrote:
>>>> It was recently indicated on the javafx list that questions 
>>>> concerning this subject and JEP 311 should be posted to this list.
>>>> I guess my first question then would be, is the assumption correct 
>>>> that support for Java Packager will now be on this list?
>>> The javapackager was originally the "javafxpackager", but as it is 
>>> no longer specific to JavaFX it makes more sense to discuss it here. 
>>> The code base is still in the openjfx repo, but it seems better to 
>>> do reviews on this more general list.
>>>> The second question to the JEP is that I don’t see that it includes 
>>>> --add-exports listed with the supported JEP arguments. My 
>>>> understanding is that this might sometimes be needed for 
>>>> restricted/not visible API’s with the current release of Java 9?
>>> I'll let Victor or others chime in about this, but it seems that 
>>> providing some support for --add-exports might be useful.
>> Initially we didn't plan to add new modular arguments. I agree it 
>> might be useful, we will consider adding this as a part of this JEP 
>> or separate enhancement request.
> Thanks. I couldn’t figure out how to use it with the current 
> javapackager. It turned out I needed —add-modules, I’m new to modular 
> concerns.
> This was for JShell. It also seemed that this needed a java executable 
> in the bin directory. I added that manually and was able to use JShell 
> from a OS X java 9 application.
> I’m not sure if the bin directory would be something the JEP would 
> also consider?
If you need bin/java, you can add "-Bstrip-native-commands=false" (for 
JDK9). For the new CLI probably it will be "--strip-native-commands false").


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