Building openjdk with glibc >= 2.24

Jan Schlößin jan at
Sun Apr 8 21:53:53 UTC 2018

Hello List,

I tried to compile openjdk (from on my
linux box (current changeset 8bdf2b5f472d). I succeeded after using
--disable-warnings-as-errors with the configure script. The reason is
that some files are referencing readdir_r and readdir64_r despite been
deprecated with glibc 2.24 in mid 2016!!!

Deprecated functions are not going away necessarily. But since you are
treating deprecation warnings as errors by default it might be a good
idea to use readdir and readdir64 in favor to the deprecated ones or
don't treat deprecation warnings as errors in the first place.

It would be nice to have openjdk build on a decent linux system like it
is described in doc/build.html.

I think the functions have been deprecated because the plain readdir
version (without *_r) became reentrant, too. But I'm not sure about it.


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