What does LTS mean for OpenJDK?

Jack Shirazi jacks at fasterj.com
Thu Aug 23 13:24:36 UTC 2018

Hello Awesome People,

There is (still) a lot of confusion in the community about this. Can I 
give an example of how I understand this to proceed and please comment 
if wrong (I appreciate not set in stone, this is just an example of how 
it seems likely from my understanding atm):

Let's say Java 12 has been released and Oracle announce a security 
upgrade. Oracle will apply that to their paid-for Oracle Java 11 build, 
and also to the OpenJDK Java 12 build but NOT the latest OpenJDK Java 11 
build. AdoptOpenJDK will also NOT backport that to the OpenJDK Java 11 
build. However the jdk11u project WILL backport that to the OpenJDK Java 
11 build, and AdoptOpenJDK will then support that Java 11 upgraded 
version because it will continue to support Java 11, so that upgraded 
OpenJDK Java 11 build will then be available (somewhere) for public 

Cheers, Jack

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