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Sun Dec 16 01:27:50 UTC 2018

1) I am not sure if this should be discussed on these lists, since it 
seems to be
about what binaries Oracle provides for JDK 11 .. which is a question 
best directed to Oracle support.

2) Aside from that, accessbridge should be discussed on swing-dev. So this
is probably my one + only email to this list about it. Any reply to this 
should go there.

3) SFAIK JAWS + NVDA are the screen readers that support access bridge 
and they both have 64 bit versions

4) The protocol is unchanged, so I think a 32 bit JDK 8 originated dll 
would work for communicating over
COM with Java Access Bridge in JDK 11

5) There was actually a JDK 11 bug that windowsaccessbridge.dll - the 64 
bit version - was not being copied
into \windows\system32. I think that was fixed in the 11.01 release, but 
is an issue in 11 GA.

6) I don't think it likely we'd want to ship a 32 bit DLL with the 64 
bit JDK ... although I won't rule it out.


On 12/15/18, 4:44 PM, Michał Zegan wrote:
> But here it is the screenreader that is 32 bit and requires 32 bit dll.
> But this 32 bit dll is applicable for a 64 bit jre. If I would remove
> the 32 bit jre and install only that dll, then accessibility would be
> working on every java app even running a 64 bit jre. So it is a specific
> case. Othervise I do not need a full 32 bit jre. Also this specific file
> is to be put in c:\windows\syswow64... Also it is not so easy to find
> those 32 bit builds, I've tried and didn't find the link you gave me
> before. And the screenreader intentionally does not have a 64 bit
> version and probably never will.
> W dniu 16.12.2018 o 01:30, Andrew Luo pisze:
>> By "applicable to both", right, it is possible that you might have WoW64 programs on Windows x64 that need 32-bit JRE DLLs.  But it has always been the case that 32-bit applications (even on x64) will need a 32-bit JRE (for example Java web start, which is now deprecated - but previously, if you had a 32-bit browser you needed a 32-bit JRE, x64 browser = x64 JRE).  I don't find this particularly unreasonable, as it is pretty common for 32-bit and x64 software to be packaged and distributed separately.  Then users can have a choice (32-bit only, 64-bit only, or both).  Many people (me included) don't have any need for a 32-bit JRE since 64-bit has been around for a long time and the majority of apps come in both flavors (or even x64 only), so I personally don't want to "bloat" the 64-bit distro with 32-bit binaries that the majority of users won't need.
>> But anyways this is only my individual perspective.  If there's other people who want to chime in, perhaps with reasons in support of this change, I'm happy to hear them.
>> Thanks,
>> -Andrew
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>> Ok, maybe there are. however because the 32 bit dll is applicable for both, and there is no other reason to install this 32 bit jre than to have this dll in place, I believe it is actually reasonable to include it in 64 bit version too. I mean ideally both 64 and 32 bit dlls would be installed in this case.
>> W dniu 15.12.2018 o 23:44, Andrew Luo pisze:
>>> The official OpenJDK builds don't have 32-bit builds, but there are other vendors out there that supply 32-bit builds:
>>> tspot
>>> Thanks,
>>> -Andrew
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>>> Maybe because such a version doesn't exist? I cannot find 32 bit jdk anymore at least for jdk11, and I know it is not officially supported.
>>> W dniu 15.12.2018 o 23:16, Andrew Luo pisze:
>>>> Hi Michal,
>>>> Why can't you install both 32-bit and 64-bit JREs on those machines - doesn't that solve the problem without having to change the OpenJDK?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Andrew
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>>>> Hello,
>>>> Not sure where to direct this question, but in any case:
>>>> On windows, java (jdk11) has java access bridge inside, the bridge allowing screenreaders to be used on java swing apps.
>>>> There exists only a 64 bit version of java 11, and java access bridge can be enabled there. Screenreader communicates with a dll probably called c:\windows\system32\WindowsAccessBridge64.dll.
>>>> There is however a problem: at least one of the popular screenreaders
>>>> is
>>>> 32 bit screenreader *only*. That means java access bridge becomes unusable with it because of the missing 32 bit version of the above dll.
>>>> However it is proven that if that dll was installed, accessibility would work. Is it possible to add to jdk11 or later the 32 bit dll too?

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