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Sun Dec 16 01:39:42 UTC 2018

W dniu 16.12.2018 o 02:27, Philip Race pisze:
> 1) I am not sure if this should be discussed on these lists, since it
> seems to be
> about what binaries Oracle provides for JDK 11 .. which is a question
> best directed to Oracle support.
> 2) Aside from that, accessbridge should be discussed on swing-dev. So this
> is probably my one + only email to this list about it. Any reply to this
> should go there.
> 3) SFAIK JAWS + NVDA are the screen readers that support access bridge
> and they both have 64 bit versions
No, NVDA does not have a 64 bit version, and this is intentional. NVDA
is always 32 bit and works on a 64 bit windows.
> 4) The protocol is unchanged, so I think a 32 bit JDK 8 originated dll
> would work for communicating over
> COM with Java Access Bridge in JDK 11
> 5) There was actually a JDK 11 bug that windowsaccessbridge.dll - the 64
> bit version - was not being copied
> into \windows\system32. I think that was fixed in the 11.01 release, but
> is an issue in 11 GA.
> 6) I don't think it likely we'd want to ship a 32 bit DLL with the 64
> bit JDK ... although I won't rule it out.
> -phil.
> On 12/15/18, 4:44 PM, Michał Zegan wrote:
>> But here it is the screenreader that is 32 bit and requires 32 bit dll.
>> But this 32 bit dll is applicable for a 64 bit jre. If I would remove
>> the 32 bit jre and install only that dll, then accessibility would be
>> working on every java app even running a 64 bit jre. So it is a specific
>> case. Othervise I do not need a full 32 bit jre. Also this specific file
>> is to be put in c:\windows\syswow64... Also it is not so easy to find
>> those 32 bit builds, I've tried and didn't find the link you gave me
>> before. And the screenreader intentionally does not have a 64 bit
>> version and probably never will.
>> W dniu 16.12.2018 o 01:30, Andrew Luo pisze:
>>> By "applicable to both", right, it is possible that you might have
>>> WoW64 programs on Windows x64 that need 32-bit JRE DLLs.  But it has
>>> always been the case that 32-bit applications (even on x64) will need
>>> a 32-bit JRE (for example Java web start, which is now deprecated -
>>> but previously, if you had a 32-bit browser you needed a 32-bit JRE,
>>> x64 browser = x64 JRE).  I don't find this particularly unreasonable,
>>> as it is pretty common for 32-bit and x64 software to be packaged and
>>> distributed separately.  Then users can have a choice (32-bit only,
>>> 64-bit only, or both).  Many people (me included) don't have any need
>>> for a 32-bit JRE since 64-bit has been around for a long time and the
>>> majority of apps come in both flavors (or even x64 only), so I
>>> personally don't want to "bloat" the 64-bit distro with 32-bit
>>> binaries that the majority of users won't need.
>>> But anyways this is only my individual perspective.  If there's other
>>> people who want to chime in, perhaps with reasons in support of this
>>> change, I'm happy to hear them.
>>> Thanks,
>>> -Andrew
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>>> Ok, maybe there are. however because the 32 bit dll is applicable for
>>> both, and there is no other reason to install this 32 bit jre than to
>>> have this dll in place, I believe it is actually reasonable to
>>> include it in 64 bit version too. I mean ideally both 64 and 32 bit
>>> dlls would be installed in this case.
>>> W dniu 15.12.2018 o 23:44, Andrew Luo pisze:
>>>> The official OpenJDK builds don't have 32-bit builds, but there are
>>>> other vendors out there that supply 32-bit builds:
>>>> tspot
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> -Andrew
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>>>> Subject: Re: java access bridge
>>>> Maybe because such a version doesn't exist? I cannot find 32 bit jdk
>>>> anymore at least for jdk11, and I know it is not officially supported.
>>>> W dniu 15.12.2018 o 23:16, Andrew Luo pisze:
>>>>> Hi Michal,
>>>>> Why can't you install both 32-bit and 64-bit JREs on those machines
>>>>> - doesn't that solve the problem without having to change the OpenJDK?
>>>>> Thanks
>>>>> Andrew
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>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> Not sure where to direct this question, but in any case:
>>>>> On windows, java (jdk11) has java access bridge inside, the bridge
>>>>> allowing screenreaders to be used on java swing apps.
>>>>> There exists only a 64 bit version of java 11, and java access
>>>>> bridge can be enabled there. Screenreader communicates with a dll
>>>>> probably called c:\windows\system32\WindowsAccessBridge64.dll.
>>>>> There is however a problem: at least one of the popular screenreaders
>>>>> is
>>>>> 32 bit screenreader *only*. That means java access bridge becomes
>>>>> unusable with it because of the missing 32 bit version of the above
>>>>> dll.
>>>>> However it is proven that if that dll was installed, accessibility
>>>>> would work. Is it possible to add to jdk11 or later the 32 bit dll
>>>>> too?

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