SecurityManager Survey

Sean Mullan sean.mullan at
Mon Feb 5 16:31:37 UTC 2018


The SecurityManager has been in Java SE for a long time, but we don't 
have a lot of data about how it is used in practice, especially outside 
of applets and Web Start apps. Thus, we have created an initial survey 
to gather more information and help us evaluate and understand how 
others are using it.

If you have written or maintain code that uses the SecurityManager or 
related APIs such as the AccessController, then we would appreciate if 
you would complete this survey:

We are specifically interested in use-cases other than applets or Web 
Start applications; for example, server applications, tools and 
libraries that have been designed to run properly when a SecurityManager 
is enabled.

The survey will remain open through February 16th. The results of the 
survey will be made public after the survey closes.

Thank you,
Sean Mullan
OpenJDK Security Group Lead

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