The script is dead, long live autoconf!

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at
Mon Feb 5 17:55:14 UTC 2018

Hi Magnus,

great change! Thanks for finally pushing it.

I'm sure it will initially cause us some headaches on our old and/or
exotic platforms (as mentioned by Thomas) but I think in the end it is
the right solution.


On Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 9:21 AM, Magnus Ihse Bursie
<magnus.ihse.bursie at> wrote:
> With JDK-8195689 that has just been pushed to jdk/jdk, the checked-in
> runnable script has been removed. Instead, there's a
> new build-time dependency on autoconf.
> For most users, this should not make any difference. You will still initiate
> your configuration by running "bash configure".
> If you do not already have autoconf installed, when running configure the
> first time after checking out JDK-8195689, this will be detected, and you
> will be asked to install autoconf. For most systems, a suggestions on how to
> do this is also printed.
> If you have made changes to the build system before, you have probably had a
> work flow including a custom-built autoconf, running, and asking
> someone in Oracle to sponsor your patch for generation of the closed version
> of Neither of this will now be needed. While you can
> of course keep a custom-built version of autoconf, you might also delete it.
> With the new solution, the exact version of autoconf does not matter. (Note
> that it will still be needed for backports, though.)
> The build documentation has been updated to reflect this change.
> /Magnus

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