JDK submit repo

Aleksey Shipilev shade at redhat.com
Wed Feb 7 15:01:19 UTC 2018

On 01/30/2018 11:50 AM, Aleksey Shipilev wrote:
> On 01/24/2018 01:00 PM, Aleksey Shipilev wrote:
>> On 01/23/2018 09:33 PM, mark.reinhold at oracle.com wrote:
>>> The submit repo is now open for pushes from any JDK Committer:
>>>   http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk/submit
>>> If you push a branch whose name starts with "JDK-" into this repo
>>> then it will automatically be built and tested on Oracle's internal
>>> build system, and a summary of the results will be e-mailed back to
>>> you.  This typically takes a couple of hours.  If one or more tests
>>> fail then you can contact an Oracle engineer to get more information
>>> about the failures.
>> Excellent, thank you! Trying it now!
> So I have submitted JDK-8174901 five days ago, and there was silence since then. Is *this* the kinds
> of thing to ask at ops@?

Yay! Ops/dev guys have figured out the problem with sending to Red Hat addresses, probably. Got my
first notification!

Unfortunately, the current report seems to indicate that I have to contact Oracle engineers right
away, because there is no actionable diagnostics in those reports. This basically makes the whole
thing harder on Oracle guys, and believe the intent was to allow external contributors to test their
thing without bothering Oracle people a lot.

What do you do if you get the report like below? This does not seem to be a component-specific
failure, but just a configure/build failure. It seems wrong to bother ops@ with requests like this.

----- 8< ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Build Details: 2018-02-07-1244081.ashipile.source
Mach5 Tasks Results Summary

    PASSED: 0
    NA: 0
    FAILED: 0
    KILLED: 0

        9 Not run
            build_jdk_linux-linux-x64-linux-x64-OEL-7-0 Error while running 'jib configure', return
value: 10
            build_jdk_linux-linux-x64-debug-linux-x64-OEL-7-1 Error while running 'jib configure',
return value: 10
            build_openjdk_linux-linux-x64-open-linux-x64-OEL-7-8 Error while running 'jib
configure', return value: 10
            build_jdk_macosx-macosx-x64-macosx-x64-anyof_10_9_10_10-2 Error while running 'jib
configure', return value: 10
            build_jdk_macosx-macosx-x64-debug-macosx-x64-anyof_10_9_10_10-3 Error while running 'jib
configure', return value: 10
            build_jdk_solaris-solaris-sparcv9-solaris-sparcv9-11_2-4 Error while running 'jib
configure', return value: 10
            build_jdk_solaris-solaris-sparcv9-debug-solaris-sparcv9-11_2-5 Error while running 'jib
configure', return value: 10
            build_jdk_windows-windows-x64-windows-x64-2012R2-6 Error while running 'jib configure',
return value: 10
            build_jdk_windows-windows-x64-debug-windows-x64-2012R2-7 Error while running 'jib
configure', return value: 10


        72 Not run
            tier1-common-jdk_closed_test_hotspot_jtreg_hotspot_tier1_common-linux-x64-18 Dependency
task failed: mach5...6-build_jdk_linux-linux-x64-linux-x64-OEL-7-0
Dependency task failed: mach5...d_jdk_linux-linux-x64-debug-linux-x64-OEL-7-1
            tier1-common-jdk_closed_test_hotspot_jtreg_hotspot_tier1_common-macosx-x64-24 Dependency
task failed: mach5...cosx-macosx-x64-macosx-x64-anyof_10_9_10_10-2
Dependency task failed: mach5...acosx-x64-debug-macosx-x64-anyof_10_9_10_10-3
Dependency task failed: mach5...olaris-solaris-sparcv9-solaris-sparcv9-11_2-4
Dependency task failed: mach5...-solaris-sparcv9-debug-solaris-sparcv9-11_2-5
Dependency task failed: oK0w8SAdOg
Dependency task failed: oK0w8SAeOg

tier1-comp-jdk_closed_test_hotspot_jtreg_hotspot_tier1_compiler_closed-linux-x64-debug-34 Dependency
task failed: mach5...d_jdk_linux-linux-x64-debug-linux-x64-OEL-7-1

Dependency task failed: mach5...acosx-x64-debug-macosx-x64-anyof_10_9_10_10-3
            See all 72...

----- 8< ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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