Some questions about the jdk-submit process

Thomas Stüfe thomas.stuefe at
Tue Feb 13 08:35:40 UTC 2018

Hello all,

The jdk-submit tests are potentially quite useful but I am still confused
about a lot of things:

- Last week I pushed twice and received seven result mails. Is that normal
(e.g. do you execute multiple test suites per push)? Or was that just a
fluke and I should expect just one test result mail per push?

- Is there any way to tie a result mail to a push? If not, would it be
possible to add the changeset id of the branch head to the mail?

- As background information, on what platforms do you build and test, and
what are the jvm build configurations?

- Also, which tests are executed? Is they related to the "tierxxx" tests I
read about on the lists, and if yes, is that internal Oracle lingo or does
exist documentation somewhere what these tests are?

- Related to that, were I to add new jtreg of gtest tests to my branch,
would they be executed?

- Finally, what do I do with the errors in my tests? Is there a way to get
information, more test output or similar? Because right now all I see is is
information like that:

Results: total: 243, passed: 242; failed: 1"

I assume you keep the result mail sparse due to security considerations.
But unfortunately I can very little do to fix these tests without knowing

Thanks a lot!

Kind Regards, Thomas

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