RFR: AArch64: org.openjdk.jcstress.tests.varhandles.DekkerTest fails

mark.reinhold at oracle.com mark.reinhold at oracle.com
Wed Mar 7 04:16:54 UTC 2018

2018/3/6 9:01:54 -0800, Andrew Dinn <adinn at redhat.com>:
> On 06/03/18 16:24, mark.reinhold at oracle.com wrote:
>> ...
>> So far Tobias and Roland have reviewed your change.  I'm not qualified
>> to review it myself, so since it's very late in the game for JDK 10 I'd
>> like to see reviews from at least a couple more C2 committers before we
>> make a call on this.
> Sure, that's an understandably cautious reaction. Perhaps a Vladimir (or
> two :-) might be able to take a look?

With additional reviews from the two Vladimirs, and now also John,
I think this is looking pretty good.  We're running some additional
(Oracle internal) tests overnight, just to be paranoid, and should
have results in the morning PST, but I don't expect any surprises.

Stay tuned ...

- Mark

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