License and Usage Terms of generated API documentation

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Mon May 7 09:31:58 UTC 2018

2018/5/3 13:16:11 +0100, volker.simonis at
> On Thu, May 3, 2018 at 12:21 PM, magnus.ihse.bursie at wrote:
>> ...
>> Until a consensus of a better solution for hosting the generated
>> documentation is reached, I'd like to avoid changing the build code. That
>> will just open for an uneccessary split in what constitutes the proper
>> documentation URL.
> The JAVADOC_BASE_URL is the minor issue here and I agree that it would
> be not easy to create a community driven documentation of the same or
> at least similar quality as we have today from Oracle.

We should publish the API Javadoc somewhere on OpenJDK at some point,
but that’s not something that we can do today -- if nothing else, we’d
have to set up a CDN to front these very popular pages.

>                                                        Nevertheless I
> don't see why we shouldn't be able to make this URL configurable at
> configure time.


> The main issue are the two links to "LICENSE_URL" and
> "REDISTRIBUTION_URL" which clearly refer to the API-docs published by
> Oracle. I just want to be able to publish these API-docs myself
> without having to refer to these restrictive licenses. The change
> itself, to make these URLs configurable at configure time, would be
> trivial (and again, I'm not against leaving the default "as-is" if
> this is important for you).

Making these things configurable is a fine idea, but I agree with Magnus
that it’d be simpler for now to retain the current values as defaults.

- Mark

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