OpenJDK 8 Segfault on Startup

Aleksey Shipilev ashipile at
Tue Nov 27 22:13:03 UTC 2018

On 11/27/18 10:41 PM, Attie Grande wrote:
>>> I've attached an error report: hs_err_pid5803.log.
>> Attachment was stripped, please put the file somewhere, and post the link?
> Apologies - see here:

Okay. So you caught the SEGV from the Zero-interpreted Java code. Debugging is going to be fun,
because you would have to see what the interpreter was doing when the signal hit. You see the
message from the JVM's signal handler, and there are a few legit cases where SEGV is expected and
should not break the VM: for example, it could be the NPE from Java code.

I'd probably also poke around JVM_handle_linux_signal on os_linux_zero.cpp and see if anything goes
wrong here. For example, there is a suspicious jni_fast_Get<Primitive>Field comment. I also don't
see the handler for implicit null checks, given ImplicitNullChecks is on for Zero, hm; that probably
means Zero never actually generates them, so they don't require handling.

More verbose failure message (what's si_addr, for example?) would help to understand the message
too. Must be easy to at least feed the unhandled sig to os::print_siginfo.


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