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Il giorno gio 20 set 2018 alle ore 14:26 Roman Kennke
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> > I read it as a joke. I did double-check the calendar and it's not April
> > 1 yet.
> +1
> This, or I'm a bit irritated.
> I'd rather use tags and information based on technical merits, and not
> on subjective experience of somebody. It's a matter of attitude whether
> you view a bug as 'waste of time' or as something that you work your way
> through it. It's a matter of communication. What sends a better message?
> - Tagging a bug with 'timewaster'
> - Asking politely for more information?
> To me, 'timewaster' tag sends a message 'my time is somehow more
> valueable than yours'. It would really piss me off if I'd file a bug,
> and then, for some reason, somebody would tag it 'timewaster'. Yeah, not
> everybody is perfect, not everybody does file bugs as we want them
> (check for dupes, attach all possible logs, etc etc), but that is part
> of life, isn't it? If somebody files a bug, there's probably a good
> reason for it, and our task is to take it seriously. At least, that's
> how I see it.
> I don't think we should do that in an open source project. It's just not
> how I want to work. There's got to be more sensible ways to communicate.
> Roman

Totally agree,

Beside, isn't every bug a time waster anyway by definition? I mean, it
definitely wastes somebody's time, the reporter couldn't do some work
because of it and the engineer working on it can't do other more
interesting things.

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