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Tue Feb 19 09:31:11 UTC 2019

Dear Dev.


1) MXBeans


I would like to recommend you simplify MXBeans as currently it is not so 
easy to use.


E.g. If you need Map<String, Serializable> where even Serializable can be 
simple open 

types, so like dynamical for dirent key.


As Map is internal type is hard to modify to properly be each such call 

converted to open type so I suggest to be possibly extend:


- @MXBean by adapter that to that will be hand over calls to convert 

- or even as part of JMX.newMXBeanProxy

- option to ignore such calls (as alternative to unsupported opertion in 
runtime) or even option on runtime auto conversion if returned value or 
parameter is possible on runtime recognized as simple open type.


I think that there should be support for that.


Additionally there is Date, but why it is not there new java.time objects.


Or maybe MXBeans should be deprecated at all.


2) Maps vs MBean


As you my know there is use e.g. what ever type parameter you choose there 
is get(Object) and similar to other methods.


So if you would like to use it as MBean Proxy you need to create new 
interface extending e.g. Map<String, String> (even target does it) and you 
have to explicitly create get(String). 

If you do not do it.

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