[PATCH] Properly (.hg)ignore the JTwork and JTreport directories

Jaikiran Pai jai.forums2013 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 09:16:47 UTC 2019

Can I please get a review and a sponsor for this patch[1] which fixes
the .hgignore file to take into account the JTreport and JTwork
directories that can reside at the root of the repository.

In its current form (without this patch), if I have these directories at
the root of my repo, then these aren't being ignored. I see output like
below for commands like "hg st":

$> hg st

? JTreport/html/config.html
? JTreport/html/env.html
? JTreport/html/error.html
? JTreport/html/error_gr.html
? JTreport/html/excluded.html
? JTreport/html/failed.html



With the proposed patch, these directories are correctly ignored. With
this patch, I also tested that similar directories which are within
sub-directories of the repo are ignored too, by running arbitrary jtreg
tests to generate such directories at different locations.

The change in that patch uses the "glob" syntax noted in [2] to properly
exclude these directories. I haven't explicitly tested it for the ".git"
directory being ignored in that list, but I expect the change is needed
for that directory too and hence decided to include it in the patch.

I'm a bit new to the contribution process and don't know if changes like
these need a JBS issue to be created. If it's needed, I can create one
and regenerate a webrev to reference it. So please do let me know.

FWIW, I am on:

hg --version
Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 4.3.1)
(see https://mercurial-scm.org for more information)

[1] http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~jpai/webrev/hgignore-patch/webrev/

[2] https://www.selenic.com/mercurial/hgignore.5.html


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