[Java 10 - 11 - 12 ] JDK-8210457 : JVM crash in ResolvedMethodTable::add_method(Handle)

Nati Zelig nati.zelig at overopshq.com
Thu Mar 7 10:19:36 UTC 2019

Hello all,
The company I work for is developing a solution for JVM's, as a native
agent which performing redefinition of some of the classes loaded.
Since JDK 10 (Tested up to 11), the JVM is crashing as noted in OpenJDK bug
This issue is affecting our ability to support those versions.
1. What are the changes cause this crash to appear? (maybe link to a
2. Is this crash will be fixed for version 10, 11 and 12? (I saw the fix
intended for JDK 13).

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