Java 12 / JDK 12: General Availability

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Wed Mar 20 15:49:19 UTC 2019

// Dropping announce at ojn, since no one else’s e-mail client appears
// intelligent enough to do so

2019/3/20 7:10:12 -0700, jesper.wilhelmsson at
> I didn't see any actual decision on this. Is it enough that there is a
> bug filed in JBS and a mail thread with five or so people that thinks
> it is a good idea? Given that this is enough for most code changes
> that potentially could have a much larger impact on the OpenJDK maybe
> it's fine. I don't have an opinion here, I'm just curious as to how we
> make decisions in the OpenJDK.

In the OpenJDK Community we generally make decisions by rough consensus,
except for situations explicitly identified in the Bylaws as requiring
formal votes.

In any case, as the Lead of the JDK Project I endorse Seán’s original
proposal [1].

Jesper -- since you handle promotion tagging for the main-line repo,
could you please also create the jdk-12-ga tag in that repo?  Thanks.

- Mark


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