Checked exceptions

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Reading over the current draft proposal, I'm not sure I see how that might work.

Would there be some sort of match operator that you could override?  Such as,

String num = "1.23";
if (new Pattern("#.##").convert(num) double val) {
  print("Hi " + val);

If that's the case, what would convert return?  Maybe something like




(like IntStream, or DoubleStream).

If that is the case, then it would be possible to extend the API in useful ways.  We could make something like

Match<T> XmlParser.convert(InputStream i, Class<T> type)

and then use it like

if (XmlParser.convert(i, Foo.class) Foo bar) {


Am I way off base here or are you thinking of something better?
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> The example that comes to mind is Double#parseDouble.  It's annoying to have to deal with NumberFormatException, the API would jive better if instead it returned an Optional<Double>.  But I realize that isn't possible without a lot of breakage, so what about instead a optionalParseDouble that returns a Optional<Double>?

Stepping back from the exceptions question for a minute, the way I would
prefer to address problems like this is via pattern matching. If we
expose a pattern whose target is a string, and which produces a binding
variable of type double if the string is the string representation of a
double, then either the pattern matches and produces a valid double, or
it doesn't match.  The advantage of this over the Optional approach is
that is nestable with other patterns, so if we have a pattern that
produces a String, we can compose it (via nesting) with the
double-parsing pattern.

Once we have pattern matching, it will make sense to expose all sorts of
parsing patterns, which work similarly to the Optional-bearing version
of your method, but compose better.


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