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Bradford Wetmore bradford.wetmore at
Wed Sep 25 23:34:06 UTC 2019

To follow up on JDK-8230704[1], this is 99% caused by lack of entropy in 
the system when initializing a SHA1PRNG SecureRandom PRNG instance (i.e., which uses by default the following 
entropy source:


and is a very well known problem[2].  Look closely to see if you are 
using a  This will block until it 
can complete.

If you're ok with using /dev/urandom to initialize the seeder for 
SHA1PRNG, one workaround is to set:


Another is to use NativePRNG.  Not sure if it's available on your ARMv7 

Good luck,


  There's a few bits of incorrect/misleading information here, but much 
of it is correct.

On 9/11/2019 11:43 PM, Somshekar C Kadam wrote:
>    Hi Joe and Fransteik, FLoran.
> wanted to share this information with you, as the normal standard java 1.8
> implements older HttpURLConnection API has lot design issues, see below
> link,
> newer HTTP CLient is implemented in Java 11 and is standard.
> Also attached PDF for the same.
> This adds to reason to the delay what I am seeing.
> @Joe this may help others so mailing this.
> Regards
> Somshekar C Kadam
> 9036660538

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