CFV: New JDK Committer: Dmitry Batrak

Anton Tarasov anton.tarasov at
Mon Feb 17 08:49:30 UTC 2020

I hereby nominate Dmitry Batrak to JDK Committer.

Dmitry Batrak has contributed 8 significant fixes to Java 2D subsystem,
related to font rendering [3].

Votes are due by March 2, 2020.

Only current JDK Committers [1] are eligible to vote
on this nomination. Votes must be cast in the open by replying
to this mailing list.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].

Anton //

[3] List of changes:

8236996: Incorrect Roboto font rendering on Windows with subpixel

8210058: Algorithmic Italic font leans opposite angle in Printing

8220231: Cache HarfBuzz face object for same font's text layout calls

8174744: [macos] Wrong rendering of string containing surrogate pairs

8170552: [macosx] Wrong rendering of diacritics on macOS

8170950: Text is displayed in bold when fonts are installed into symlinked

8169202: [macos] Font substitution does not work for supplementary

8146035: Windows - With LCD antialiasing, some glyphs are not rendered

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