hotspot-dev seems defunct

Thomas Stüfe thomas.stuefe at
Tue Jun 16 06:29:35 UTC 2020


Me and at least four colleagues at SAP have not received mail from the
hotspot-dev mailing list since about six weeks. This issue was somewhat
hidden by the fact that cross posted mails still arrive via other

This affects recipient addresses from both inside and outside SAP, so the
issue is unlikely to be on our side. We have also not received any of the
usual "excessive bounces" mails and according to Stefan none happened.

Furthermore, the subscription service does not seem to work. I cannot
resubscribe, get my password, I cannot even subscribe with a brand new mail

At first glance other MLs seem still to work but I did not check every
single one.

Do others have similar issues or is it just us?

This should be really solved. MLs feel unreliable now, and they are the
main channel of communication with the OpenJDK community.

Could we implement some periodic Ping message to the mailing lists, lets
say once per week, to notice earlier when these kind of issues happen?
Also, is it possible to resend mails?

Thanks, Thomas

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