First PR integrated in openjdk/mobile

Bob Vandette bob.vandette at
Fri May 15 14:41:29 UTC 2020

Congratulations Johan, this is a great accomplishment!


> On May 15, 2020, at 10:30 AM, Johan Vos <johan.vos at> wrote:
> Hi,
> It took a while to get everything ready, but we now have the OpenJDK Mobile
> repository at capable of creating java
> static libraries for iOS and Android.
> is auto-synced from openjdk/jdk and thus
> contains all the code that is in the JDK.
> Today, I merged a PR that enables building the static java libs:
> The next goal is to upstream this PR to openjdk/jdk, but that is a
> different story.
> I will update the wiki page with instructions, but configuring and building
> is relative straightforward. The JDK build now allows to run
> make static-libs-image
> which creates static JDK libraries (hence no JVM). With the merged PR, you
> can build static libraries for iOS and Android. These can be used at
> runtime on those devices.
> Going from the java static libraries to apps for mobile requires of course
> additional steps. Those steps are not in scope of the OpenJDK Mobile
> project, but to give an example: we (Gluon) do this by linking code
> generated with GraalVM native-image with the Java static libraries. We do
> this in Gluon Substrate, which is open-source at
> and samples are given at
> <>
> Note that we include the JavaFX static libraries in those samples, so that
> we have an end-to-end OpenJDK based stack for mobile (including
> cross-platform UI). The JavaFX static libraries are built using 100% the
> code from OpenJFX.
> The merged PR is remarkably small, and is mainly based on code from Bob
> Vandette who did this work for the Java 9 project.
> Thanks to the auto-sync from upstream jdk (done by the Skara bot), we now
> have the latest JDK code working for mobile. Pretty cool.
> I'd like to thank the Skara team for their innovative work, and the OpenJDK
> team at Oracle who helped in achieving this milestone.
> Now we can really move things forward.
> - Johan

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