New JDK Committer: Ivan Walulya (Fixed voting end date)

Thomas Schatzl thomas.schatzl at
Thu Oct 8 09:38:18 UTC 2020


I hereby nominate Ivan Walulya (iwalulya) to JDK Committer.

Ivan has been contributing to the OpenJDK project since February 2020.

He already contributed 14 fixes to the JDK project [3], ranging from 
small fixes to quite tricky fixes and changes to G1 prediction heuristics.

Votes are due by 12:00 UTC October 23th, 2020.

Only current JDK Committers [1] are eligible to vote on this
nomination. Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this
mailing list.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].

Best regards,

[3] $ git log --oneline --author "Ivan Walulya"

86a16400bd9 8244505: G1 pause time ratio calculation does not consider 
Remark/Cleanup  pauses
4ac6934965a 8253232: G1Analytics::compute_pause_time_ratios() uses wrong 
pause times in calculation
63a5a129496 8252658: G1: Do not consider G1HeapWastePercent during 
region selection within a gc
553f3b14974 (tag: jdk-16+14) 8252303: G1MMUTrackerQueue::when_sec skip 
queue iteration on max_gc_time pause time
31479a0d480 8244752: Enable Linux support for multiple huge page sizes 
59521b03894 8209162: Page size selection does not always select optimal 
page size
5a68ba13395 8240591: G1HeapSizingPolicy attempts to compute 
expansion_amount even when at full capacity
d49eb0d9a7a 8240668: G1 list of all PerRegionTable does not have to be a 
double linkedlist any more
f0cd9dd5c45 8240592: HeapRegionManager::rebuild_free_list logs 0s for 
the estimated free regions before
25d2db06c42 8240589: OtherRegionsTable::_num_occupied not updated correctly
976473690b9 8216975: Using ForceNUMA does not disable adaptive sizing 
with parallel gc
edd28610d55 8233220: Space::_par_seq_tasks is unused after CMS removal
41f962d7845 8232689: Remove ParCompactionManager::Action enum
6f6b4c0ef95 8232686: Turn parallel gc develop tracing flags into unified 

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