Running JDK pre-submit testing on GitHub

Robin Westberg robin.westberg at
Thu Sep 17 04:25:59 UTC 2020

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> On 16 Sep 2020, at 17:29, Aleksey Shipilev <shade at> wrote:
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> On 9/16/20 3:05 PM, Robin Westberg wrote:
>> If you would like to try this out yourself, simply add the file
>>;!!GqivPVa7Brio!LM_QI4dN_CiHujU6IxrdU0fvShqfqph88aZJLbiwIbBQQQHSml6i2R-rQ8N_c1QrOEg$  with the
>> same name and path to any branch in a local repository and push it to your personal fork. Within
>> a few seconds, a new job should appear in the Actions tab in the GitHub web UI for your personal
>> fork where you can view the progress.
> This seems useful! Started my trial pipeline.
> Minor suggestion right off the bat: it seems that personal forks usually get a few pushes as people work on the code. Triggering the action on push might induce a lot of useless build/test work. Better to have a manual trigger [1]?

Yeah, being able to adjust this certainly makes sense. A manual trigger would certainly work (although they have to be present on the master branch to become visible, but that’s not a problem if we integrate this of course). 

Another option I’ve considered is to make it possible to opt-out by defining a “secret” for your repository. That way less frequent contributors would not have to do anything special to get their pushes automatically tested, but more active ones could decide for themselves which pushes are worth spending CPU time on. You could also use such a secret to define a filter for branches that should be automatically tested, for example “submit/*” - then you could just do “git push origin my_new_feature:submit/time_to_test” and not have to click on anything.

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> [1];!!GqivPVa7Brio!LM_QI4dN_CiHujU6IxrdU0fvShqfqph88aZJLbiwIbBQQQHSml6i2R-rQ8N_ryPNWFM$ 

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