Running JDK pre-submit testing on GitHub

Robin Westberg robin.westberg at
Thu Sep 24 08:27:28 UTC 2020

Hi Jaikiran,

> On 24 Sep 2020, at 09:02, Jaikiran Pai <jai.forums2013 at> wrote:
> Hello Robin,
> On 24/09/20 9:49 am, Robin Westberg wrote:
>> Hi Jaikiran,
>> Thanks for giving it a try! In the latest version of the submit.yml changes, there’s an additional file “make/conf/test-dependencies” [1] that you’ll need to add. Among other things it contains information of which version of jtreg to checkout (to avoid having to change the workflow file itself when JDK test dependencies change) so that should explain your failure (can be seen at [2]). So if you have time, please add this additional file as well to your duplicate branch and see if it works better!
> I followed your instructions and triggered it again. This time it
> completed successfully without any problems
>;!!GqivPVa7Brio!ILgFVDsvW210dFrUhnDj9Ag5fjN2qVjEQpNDbmjYZ3wF8ldsw37SU-5-xt9jFW-YwkA$ .
> Thank you for the help.

Sounds good, guess it’s getting ready for trying out on a wider scale then! The PR for integrating it into the jdk main-line repository is at <> in case you are interested.

> On a related note, I see that the job generates jtreg and the JDK
> binaries as artifacts. Would it be possible to generate the jtreg test
> data (logs and other test artifacts) as an output of the job? That might
> sometimes help review some of these test runs easily.

Right now the contents of the “test-results” folder generated by jtreg is published as an artifact only if test a job fails. Do you think it would be useful to publish them on success as well? Could perhaps make that configurable.

Best regards,

> -Jaikiran

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