Running JDK pre-submit testing on GitHub

Jaikiran Pai jai.forums2013 at
Thu Sep 24 11:03:38 UTC 2020

Hello Robin,

On 24/09/20 1:57 pm, Robin Westberg wrote:
>> On a related note, I see that the job generates jtreg and the JDK
>> binaries as artifacts. Would it be possible to generate the jtreg test
>> data (logs and other test artifacts) as an output of the job? That might
>> sometimes help review some of these test runs easily.
> Right now the contents of the “test-results” folder generated by jtreg
> is published as an artifact only if test a job fails. Do you think it
> would be useful to publish them on success as well? Could perhaps make
> that configurable.
I think it will be useful to publish them even when the job succeeds.
IMO, publishing these results is more useful than publishing the jtreg
or the Java binaries (which I'm not too sure anyone would often
download, but I'm just a relatively new contributor to the project and
haven't previously used the old "submit" repo to know all the use cases).

For example, in my current PR run for which I triggered the job, I would
have liked to easily view some of the details (like logs and other
details that jtreg provides) of the new test that I added as part of the
PR. As for making it configurable, I think that would require a manual
intervention between the time when you push a commit to a branch and the
job gets auto-triggered, isn't it? If the test results don't generate a
huge zip file as compared to the artifacts we already publish, IMO,
making it configurable isn't necessary.


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