Building jdk on OS/X

Michael Hall mik3hall at
Sun Aug 15 15:45:29 UTC 2021

> On Aug 15, 2021, at 9:03 AM, Michael Hall <mik3hall at> wrote:
>> After you removed them I would assume that CLASSPATH gets still set because of /etc/profile
>> containing its definitions pointing at the BSF4ooRexx and OpenOffice/LibreOffice jar files. Just
>> delete them manually (these statements usually appear at the end and carry a needle comment to ease
>> spotting them and using "grep -v" to remove them; newer versions for MacOS wil also add the same
>> CLASSPATH statements to ~/.zshenv (as newer versions of MacOS default to zsh).
> export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/Library/Frameworks/BSF4ooRexx.framework/Classes/bsf4ooRexx-v641-20190830-bin.jar # BSF4ooRexxNeedle
> Correct. I will remove them. I will check to see if these are older and no longer match the jar files actually present. That might explain the not founds even though the application and framework were there.

Path mismatches to older entries in /etc/profile does not seem correct - they do seem to match up to active current entries.
If I had to make a guess at this point it would be that the build process has problems with class path entries from /etc/profile that involve Mac alias’s. 
For OpenOffice there is 
Which finder indicates is an alias with the actual contents being in /Applications/ 
I tried to find something decent command line to demonstrate this but they seem to fail to show it. SO suggests something like…
mdls -raw -name kMDItemContentType /Applications/
Which doesn’t show it as an alias? 
For your BSF4ooRexx /Library/Frameworks/BSF4ooRexx.framework/Classes is an alias as Finder get info shows to Versions/A
Again mdls doesn’t show it as an alias and I would “guess” at this point that somehow the build process doesn’t correctly resolve the alias to the actual file either but indicates one off of the alias path is missing. 

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