jpackage does not include extra files from app-image when creating Debian package?

Tobias Oelgarte tobias.oelgarte at
Fri Feb 26 15:58:27 UTC 2021

I'm creating an app image with the following commands*:

   jlink --output runtime --module-path [..] --add-modules [..] --bind-services
   jpackage --type app-image --dest image --module [..] --runtime-image runtime --name Name

Now i copy some extra files to the resulting image, which are needed 
during program execution.

After that i can create an MSI installer with the following command*:

   jpackage --type msi --dest installer --app-image image --name Name

As the result I get an installer which also includes the extra files 
which I added to the app-image an the extra files are installed along 
with the rest of the image.

But if i do the same, creating a Debian installer package (deb), then 
the extra files are not included.

   jpackage --type deb --dest installer --app-image image --name Name

The resulting deb installs just fine, but the files are not included in 
the deb archive and are obviously not written to the installation directory.

Did I miss something, or is this not possible when creating an Debian 

* I removed some trivial parameters like --vendor, --copyright, 
--resource-dir, e.t.c. to keep the commandlines short

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