jpackage does not include extra files from app-image when creating Debian package?

Alexey Semenyuk alexey.semenyuk at
Fri Feb 26 16:42:15 UTC 2021

Hi Tobias,

Extra files in deb packaging should work. What is the version of 
jpackage you are using? Where do you put extra files in app image? If 
you put them in the root directory of app image they will not be 
included in the package. Recommended location for extra files is "app" 
subdirectory of app image.

- Alexey

On 2/26/2021 10:58 AM, Tobias Oelgarte wrote:
> I'm creating an app image with the following commands*:
>   jlink --output runtime --module-path [..] --add-modules [..] 
> --bind-services
>   jpackage --type app-image --dest image --module [..] --runtime-image 
> runtime --name Name
> Now i copy some extra files to the resulting image, which are needed 
> during program execution.
> After that i can create an MSI installer with the following command*:
>   jpackage --type msi --dest installer --app-image image --name Name
> As the result I get an installer which also includes the extra files 
> which I added to the app-image an the extra files are installed along 
> with the rest of the image.
> But if i do the same, creating a Debian installer package (deb), then 
> the extra files are not included.
>   jpackage --type deb --dest installer --app-image image --name Name
> The resulting deb installs just fine, but the files are not included 
> in the deb archive and are obviously not written to the installation 
> directory.
> Did I miss something, or is this not possible when creating an Debian 
> package?
> * I removed some trivial parameters like --vendor, --copyright, 
> --resource-dir, e.t.c. to keep the commandlines short

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