jpackage does not include extra files from app-image when creating Debian package?

Michael Hall mik3hall at
Sat Feb 27 10:22:41 UTC 2021

> On Feb 27, 2021, at 1:31 AM, Tobias Oelgarte <tobias.oelgarte at> wrote:
>> No, there is no platform independent and reliable way to get the path to 'app' directory. However you can get location of one of your app's classes through Class.getResource(). See <>
> That isn't helpful at all. All i get is either the URL jrt:/<modulename> or null, but not the installation directory or something similar.

System property? java.home, java.launcher.path, java.library.path, java.class.path

My application indicates a security policy…$APPDIR/all.policy

Which actually gets you into the app directory.$APPDIR/all.policy

On virtual box Windows showing...
C:\Program Files\HalfPipe\app/all.policy

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