New JDK Committer: Xin Liu(Internet mail)

felixxfyang(杨晓峰) felixxfyang at
Tue Jun 8 11:29:28 UTC 2021

Vote: Yes

Felix Yang

在 2021/6/8 下午6:35,“jdk-dev 代表 Volker Simonis”<jdk-dev-retn at 代表 volker.simonis at> 写入:

    I hereby nominate Xin Liu (xliu) to JDK Committer.

    Xin is a member of the Corretto team at Amazon and has contributed 42
    patches in the JDK project since 2018 [1]. He mostly works on the C2
    JIT compiler and has recently authored the support for asynchronous
    logging. A list of selected patches can be found at the end of this

    Votes are due by 12:00 CET June 22, 2021.

    Only current JDK Committers [2] are eligible to vote on this
    nomination. Votes must be cast in the open by replying  to this
    mailing list.

    For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [3].

    Thank you and best regards,


    Selected patches:
    1. 8222670: pathological case of JIT recompilation and code cache bloat
    2. 8229450: C2 compilation fails with assert(found_sfpt) failed
    3. 8022574: remove HaltNode code after uncommon trap calls
    4. 8247732: validate user-input intrinsic_ids in ControlIntrinsic
    5. 8151779: Some intrinsic flags could be replaced with one general flag
    6. 8206075: On x86, assert on unbound assembler Labels used as branch target
    7. 8254369: Node::disconnect_inputs may skip precedences
    8. 8261675: ObjectValue::set_visited(bool) sets _visited false
    9. 8245051: c1 is broken if it is compiled by gcc without -fno-lifetime-dse
    10. 8229517: Support for optional asynchronous/buffered logging
    11. 8257800: CompileCommand
    TypedMethodOptionMatcher::parse_method_pattern() may over consume
    12. 8251464: make Node::dump(int depth) support indent

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