X509Certificate#getSubjectDN, "denigrated"?

arjan tijms arjan.tijms at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 13:37:29 UTC 2021


For some time now, X509Certificate#getSubjectDN is "denigrated":

     * <strong>Denigrated</strong>, replaced by {@linkplain
     * #getSubjectX500Principal()}. This method returns the {@code subject}
     * as an implementation specific Principal object, which should not be
     * relied upon by portable code.
     * <p>
     * Gets the {@code subject} (subject distinguished name) value
     * from the certificate.  If the {@code subject} value is empty,
     * then the {@code getName()} method of the returned
     * {@code Principal} object returns an empty string ("").
     * <p> The ASN.1 definition for this is:
     * <pre>
     * subject    Name
     * </pre>
     * <p>See {@link #getIssuerDN() getIssuerDN} for {@code Name}
     * and other relevant definitions.
     * @return a Principal whose name is the subject name.
    public abstract Principal getSubjectDN();

Maybe the original writer meant "deprecated"? If so, maybe it's time to
deprecate the denigrated term here, and formally deprecate getSubjectDN?

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms

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