Unpack200 alternatives

Ron Pressler ron.pressler at oracle.com
Tue Mar 23 12:19:44 UTC 2021

Use the unpack200 tool of an old JDK to decompress those JARs and redistribute them before using them with a new JDK.

— Ron

> On 20 Mar 2021, at 13:46, Eric Bresie <ebresie at gmail.com> wrote:
> On another project, there are “modules” (not yet Java modules) that
> leveraged the pack200 compression.  There are many legacy package that need
> uncompressing.
> Given new JDK versions have remove pack200, with the proposed way of using
> jpackage or Jlink when packaging new compressed packs, but how is one
> expected to unpack pack200?
> Is pack compatible with another format (i.e. gzip) which could be used
> instead?
> Or is it preferred to use something like
> https://github.com/pack200/pack200 or other offshoots?
> Eric
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> Eric Bresie
> ebresie at gmail.com

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