New candidate JEP: 408: Simple Web Server

Julia Boes julia.boes at
Tue Mar 30 13:14:11 UTC 2021

Hi Krzysztof,

Is there a plan to change the package name?
I always thought that com.sun.* package was for old internal code and I assume I'm not the only one.

the simple server builds on the existing API in the package, which was added in JDK 1.6. At that time, the convention for JDK-specific APIs was to use the com.sun namespace. Other examples are com.sun.nio.sctp or In more recent times, this convention has been replaced with the jdk namespace. Both name spaces are JDK-specific, as such the simple server API is a supported JDK API.

Given that we're simply building on top of the long-standing API in, revisiting the package name is out of the scope of this project.


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