CFV: New JDK Reviewer: Alexander Matveev

Philip Race philip.race at
Wed May 5 19:24:06 UTC 2021

I hereby nominate Alexander Matveev (matvee[1]) to the role of JDK 
Project Reviewer.

Alexander is currently a JDK committer, and has been a long time member 
of the Java client team at Oracle
notably working in the area of media technologies for the OpenJFX [2] 
project in which he is a reviewer.

He has made substantial contributions [3] to the development of the 
jpackage[4] tool
and has made 37 additional individual contributions [5] to the JDK project.

In addition he has already been active in reviewing changes on the 
appropriate OpenJDK mailing lists.

Only current JDK Project Reviewers [6] are eligible to vote on this 
Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing list.
For Three-Vote Consensus voting instructions, see [7].

Votes are due by 19:30 UTC on 19th May 2021.




[3] commit 264573c9ce730ed421725b8986db4e3eb5124c47
Author: Andy Herrick <herrick at>
Date:   Thu Dec 5 11:25:33 2019 -0500

     8212780: Packaging Tool Implementation

     Co-authored-by: Alexey Semenyuk <alexey.semenyuk at>
     Co-authored-by: Alexander Matveev <alexander.matveev at>
     Co-authored-by: Kevin Rushforth <kevin.rushforth at>
     Co-authored-by: Philip Race <philip.race at>
     Reviewed-by: asemenyuk, almatvee, herrick, kcr, prr, erikj, ihse, 
rriggs, mchung, alanb


[5] git log --author matvee --format='%h %s'
5b43b39e55a 8263154: [macos] DMG builds have finder errors
55d56495098 8263157: [macos]: java.library.path is being set incorrectly
fa43f926ab2 8261845: File permissions of packages built by jpackage
bec60432ecb 8259570: (macos) tools/jpackage tests fails with 'hdiutil: 
couldn't eject "disk2" - Resource busy'
eb1c8a15b6a 8257924: Use full path when running external executable from 
e6b4c4d7162 8238781: [macos] jpackage tests failed due to "hdiutil: 
convert failed" in various ways
a265c201386 8255619: Localized have 
MsiInstallerStrings_en.wxl resource
c35e1a284b9 8255947: [macos] Signed macOS jpackage app doesn't filter 
spurious '-psn' argument
8ca59c9e2eb 8255206: [macos] LicenseTest fails on macOS 11
5a57945f1af 8231591: [TESTBUG] Create additional two phase jpackage tests
ac9d1b08ee4 8223187: Remove setLocale() call in jpackage native launcher
89d75304119 8250803: pkgbuild failed with exit code 134
45c4d9d5196 8250646: hdiutil detach fix JDK-8245311 still fails sometimes
084e15bca3d 8248905: [macos] symbolic links not properly resolved
bbddae55522 8248248: [macos] fails 
EmptyFolderPackageTest-dmg-setup.scpt exited with 134 code
f8a06bc497e 8245311: [macos] misc package tests failed due to "execution 
error: Finder got an error: AppleEvent timed out."
be04c8c7244 8249256: [macos] Add EmptyFolderPackageTest test to problem 
55e7003fd51 8248059: [macos] failed 
"hdiutil: create failed - No child processes"
f45d121128d 8248255: [macos] Add failing DMG tests to problem list
9584e01d24c 8225251: Minimise import statements in jpackage sources
976c4693057 8236282: [macos] Find permanent solution to macOS test 
timeout problem JDK-8235738
6f5e8a2aa3a 8237908: [TESTBUG] [macos] Add support to jtreg helpers to 
unpack pkg packages
93d89d3bf36 8242786: [macos] tools/jpackage/share/ fails: 
ABORT trying to dequeue work
52be8949e74 8245788: EmptyFolderPackageTest fails on Windows 10
191fe75c0f0 8233215: jpackage doesn't allow enough flexibility for file 
type binding
5868c76ec6e 8233166: jpackage tool skips empty directories
49002194fb6 8249264: Build validate-headers task fails after JDK-8248261
231a8408b2e 8248261: Add timestamps to jpackage and jpackage tests 
verbose output
ed05d576030 8223955: Eliminate or reduce mixing of old File API and new 
Path/Files APIs
47cc808b989 8232841: [TESTBUG] [macos] SigningPackageTest fails when 
untrusted certificates exist on machine
f8f98bdbffc 8237607: [macos] Signing app bundle with jpackage fails if 
runtime is already signed
529587547cd 8235955: [dmg] DMG creation fails without error message if 
previous DMG was not ejected
e104b4cee19 8235954: [dmg] Default DMG background tiff of jpackage not 
retina ready
c751493f0c6 8235738: [macos] tools/jpackage tests timeout on macOS
a51b5ae9c4f 8235252: Repair by locating jtreg locally
57991084944 8234284: [dmg] Change DMG background image to TIFF
b29f62ce516 8235767: Compilation failure caused by JDK-8212780: 
Packaging Tool Implementation

[6] <>


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