Life of a Bug - Next Generation

Eric Bresie ebresie at
Sat May 15 13:48:12 UTC 2021

As I try to better understand the openjdk development process I stumble
across a very helpful informative (older) blog entry.

With the migration to git and it’s applicable features, and the build
changes can anyone clarify some more on this?

If this has been documented already elsewhere (i.e. I apologize up front but still was
interested in how things have further changed

I assume the changes mainly involve things like:
- Code migration from Mercurial to github for configuration control
- Bug Tracking (may have some different methods in tracking)
- Branch/release management (i.e. git commit/branches/master vs
development, and build/release cadence, etc.) in git
- Review (leveraging “Pull Requests” in git including applicable flags
involved in PRs [like the OCA, milestones, review requests, etc.)

Eric Bresie
ebresie at
Eric Bresie
ebresie at

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