CFV: New JDK Committer: Alexey Bakhtin

Yuri Nesterenko yan at
Mon Nov 1 12:34:48 UTC 2021

I hereby nominate Alexey Bakhtin (abakhtin) [0] to JDK Committer.

Alexey is working in the Azul JDK Team and is a Committer in the JDK 8 updates project.

A list of some of his contributions to the JDK project see below [3] [4] [5].

Votes are due by 13h00 UTC on Monday, the 15th of November, 2021.

Only current JDK Committers (and above) [1] are eligible to vote on this nomination.

Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing list.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].


8271199: Mutual TLS handshake fails signing client certificate with custom sensitive PKCS11
8274205: Handle KDC_ERR_SVC_UNAVAILABLE error code from KDC
8268965: TCP Connection Reset when connecting simple socket to SSL server
8241248: NullPointerException in
8259707: LDAP channel binding does not work with StartTLS extension
8007632: DES/3DES keys support in PKCS12 keystore
8245527: LDAP Channel Binding support for Java GSS/Kerberos
8241960: The SHA3 message digests impl of SUN provider are not thread safe after cloned
8239798: SSLSocket closes socket both socket endpoints on a SocketTimeoutException
8239787: AArch64: String.indexOf may incorrectly handle empty string

Thank you,

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