JDK-8273642: The UUID class does not implement RFC4122 fully (UUID type 5 is missing).

Aleksey Shipilev shade at redhat.com
Thu Nov 11 17:00:49 UTC 2021

On 11/11/21 5:33 PM, Mario Pavlov wrote:
> What are the next steps? Should I get approval to work on this?

AFAIU, the nature of this work implies extending the UUID spec a little, since we would need to 
mention Version 5 somewhere, which would require submitting the CSR [1] and working through it. This 
would require JIRA access privileges that are not granted to first-time contributors. I would 
suggest to do something that does not require API tweaks first, to get the taste of JDK development.

Otherwise, if you have anyone who can help you with CSR, I would say the next step would be doing a 
PR against mainline that implements the feature.


[1] https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/csr/Main

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