Asking advice on Copyright lines

Lindenmaier, Goetz goetz.lindenmaier at
Thu Jan 27 11:24:26 UTC 2022


Is there any documentation giving advice on how non-Oracle
Contributors should handle Copyright lines in OpenJDK files?

Discussion arose on this PR:

All I found is
which mentions you, Iris.

Some obvious questions, given contributors of
Parties A and B, both non Oracle.

  1.  If there is an Oracle copyright in the file, should
Contributor of A update the year in the Oracle line?

  1.  If there is no Oracle copyright in the file, and
the existing copyright is of party B, what should
contributor of party A do?

  *   Add his own Copyright
  *   Add the Oracle copyright. If so, which

starting date should he choose?

  *   Update the copyright of party B.

  1.  If contributor of A contributes a new file, which
Copyright should he add? What if the code in the
new file is derived from existing files?  What starting
year should he use?

  1.  How to handle Copyrights in backports?

Obviously, I have answers to some of these question
because I have been in the situation. But some documentation
how to handle this would be nice.

Best regards,

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