Request for backport to jdk9u: JDK-8195685, JDK-8196136, JDK-8195858, JDK-8196221

Andrew Dinn adinn at
Mon Feb 12 11:06:32 UTC 2018

Following Dalibor's suggestion in the thread entitled

  Future jdk9u updates & 9-critical-request

I have tagged the following critical defects with tag 9-critical-request
and am asking for them fixes to be backported to jdk9u. Note that

  JDK-8195685 requires JDK-8196136 as a follow-up fix to correct an
error in register use

  JDK-8195858 requires JDK-8196221 as a follow-up fix to correct a
missing argument error in the first of these two patches

All the original jdk10/11 patches apply without code changes, per se.
Obviously, the file paths mentioned in the original need tweaking to
allow for the re-organization of the code tree.

Apologies for the delay in posting this -- the FOSDEM lurgie strikes yet


Andrew Dinn

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