OpenJDK 17.0.3 Released

Andrew Hughes gnu.andrew at
Fri Apr 29 18:03:01 UTC 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenJDK 17.0.3.

The source tarball is available from:


The tarball is accompanied by a digital signature available at:


This is signed by our Red Hat OpenJDK key (openjdk at

PGP Key: rsa4096/0x92EF8D39DC13168F (hkp://
Fingerprint = CA5F 11C6 CE22 644D 42C6  AC44 92EF 8D39 DC13 168F

SHA256 checksums:

e7eeeb0158a2172bc1a5ad383f4b5475ae5c1fee7db1f3f81600c4620a87566c  openjdk-17.0.3+7.tar.xz
19bd913366c60d49dadbb7ef2dd541e71a5ddc86f46b73443d98bf319cc98969  openjdk-17.0.3+7.tar.xz.sig

The checksums can be downloaded from:


New in release OpenJDK 17.0.3 (2022-04-19):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Security fixes
  - JDK-8269938: Enhance XML processing passes redux
  - JDK-8270504, CVE-2022-21426: Better XPath expression handling
  - JDK-8272255: Completely handle MIDI files
  - JDK-8272261: Improve JFR recording file processing
  - JDK-8272588: Enhanced recording parsing
  - JDK-8272594: Better record of recordings
  - JDK-8274221: More definite BER encodings
  - JDK-8275082, JDK-8278008, CVE-2022-21476: Update XML Security for Java to 2.3.0
  - JDK-8275151, CVE-2022-21443: Improved Object Identification
  - JDK-8277227: Better identification of OIDs
  - JDK-8277233, CVE-2022-21449: Improve ECDSA signature support
  - JDK-8277672, CVE-2022-21434: Better invocation handler handling
  - JDK-8278356: Improve file creation
  - JDK-8278449: Improve keychain support
  - JDK-8278798: Improve supported intrinsic
  - JDK-8278805: Enhance BMP image loading
  - JDK-8278972, CVE-2022-21496: Improve URL supports
  - JDK-8281388: Change wrapping of EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo
* Other changes
  - JDK-8177814: jdk/editpad is not in jdk TEST.groups
  - JDK-8186670: Implement _onSpinWait() intrinsic for AArch64
  - JDK-8190748: java/text/Format/DateFormat/ and NonGregorianFormatTest fail intermittently
  - JDK-8225559: assertion error at TransTypes.visitApply
  - JDK-8236505: Mark jdk/editpad/ as @headful
  - JDK-8239502: [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/text/FlowView/6318524/ never fails
  - JDK-8244602: Add JTREG_REPEAT_COUNT to repeat execution of a test
  - JDK-8247980: Exclusive execution of java/util/stream tests slows down tier1
  - JDK-8251216: Implement MD5 intrinsics on AArch64
  - JDK-8253197: vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/StopThread/stopthrd007/ fails with "ERROR: DebuggeeSleepingThread: ThreadDeath lost"
  - JDK-8262134: compiler/uncommontrap/ failed with "guarantee(false) failed: wrong number of expression stack elements during deopt"
  - JDK-8263567: gtests don't terminate the VM safely
  - JDK-8265150: AsyncGetCallTrace crashes on ResourceMark
  - JDK-8266490: Extend the OSContainer API to support the pids controller of cgroups
  - JDK-8269032: Stringdedup tests are failing if the ergonomically select GC does not support it
  - JDK-8269037: jsig/ doesn't have to be restricted to linux only
  - JDK-8269087: CheckSegmentedCodeCache test fails in an emulated-client VM
  - JDK-8269175: [macosx-aarch64] wrong CPU speed in hs_err file
  - JDK-8269206: A small typo in comment in test/lib/sun/hotspot/
  - JDK-8269523: runtime/Safepoint/ failed when expecting 'VM operation took too long'
  - JDK-8269616: serviceability/dcmd/framework/ fails with Address already in use error
  - JDK-8269849: vmTestbase/gc/gctests/PhantomReference/phantom002/ failed with "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space: failed reallocation of scalar replaced objects"
  - JDK-8270117: Broken jtreg link in "Building the JDK" page
  - JDK-8270874: JFrame paint artifacts when dragged from standard monitor to HiDPI monitor
  - JDK-8271056: C2: "assert(no_dead_loop) failed: dead loop detected" due to cmoving identity
  - JDK-8271199: Mutual TLS handshake fails signing client certificate with custom sensitive PKCS11 key
  - JDK-8271202: C1: assert(false) failed: live_in set of first block must be empty
  - JDK-8271506: Add ResourceHashtable support for deleting selected entries
  - JDK-8271721: Split gc/g1/TestMixedGCLiveThreshold into separate tests
  - JDK-8272167: should skip *.dSYM directories
  - JDK-8272327: Shenandoah: Avoid enqueuing duplicate string candidates
  - JDK-8272398: Update DockerTestUtils.buildJdkDockerImage()
  - JDK-8272541: Incorrect overflow test in Toom-Cook branch of BigInteger multiplication
  - JDK-8272553: several hotspot runtime/CommandLine tests don't check exit code
  - JDK-8272600: (test) Use native "sleep" in
  - JDK-8272866: java.util.random package summary contains incorrect mixing function in table
  - JDK-8272996: JNDI DNS provider fails to resolve SRV entries when IPV6 stack is enabled
  - JDK-8273162: AbstractSplittableWithBrineGenerator does not create a random salt
  - JDK-8273277: C2: Move conditional negation into rc_predicate
  - JDK-8273341: Update Siphash to version 1.0
  - JDK-8273351: bad tag in jdk.random
  - JDK-8273366: [testbug] javax/swing/UIDefaults/6302464/ fails on macOS12
  - JDK-8273381: Assert in PtrQueueBufferAllocatorTest.stress_free_list_allocator_vm
  - JDK-8273387: remove some unreferenced gtk-related functions
  - JDK-8273433: Enable parallelism in vmTestbase_nsk_sysdict tests
  - JDK-8273438: Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/metaspace/stressHierarchy tests
  - JDK-8273526: Extend the OSContainer API  pids controller with pids.current
  - JDK-8273634: [TEST_BUG] Improve javax/swing/text/ParagraphView/6364882/
  - JDK-8273655: files are missing some common types
  - JDK-8273682: Upgrade Jline to 3.20.0
  - JDK-8273704: failed : drawString with InfiniteXform transform takes long time
  - JDK-8273895: compiler/ciReplay/ fails due to wrong data size with TieredStopAtLevel=2,3
  - JDK-8273933: [TESTBUG] Test must run without preallocated exceptions
  - JDK-8273967: gtest os.dll_address_to_function_and_library_name_vm fails on macOS12
  - JDK-8273972: Multi-core choke point in CMM engine (LCMSTransform.doTransform)
  - JDK-8274130: C2: MulNode::Ideal chained transformations may act on wrong nodes
  - JDK-8274171: java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/ failed on "Content type" mismatches
  - JDK-8274465: Fix javax/swing/text/ParagraphView/6364882/ failures
  - JDK-8274471: Add support for RSASSA-PSS in OCSP Response
  - JDK-8274506: and fail with podman run as root
  - JDK-8274524: SSLSocket.close() hangs if it is called during the ssl handshake
  - JDK-8274562: (fs) UserDefinedFileAttributeView doesn't correctly determine if supported when using OverlayFS
  - JDK-8274658: ISO 4217 Amendment 170 Update
  - JDK-8274714: Incorrect verifier protected access error message
  - JDK-8274750: java/io/File/ failed: '/dev': 191488 != 190976
  - JDK-8274753: ZGC: SEGV in MetaspaceShared::link_shared_classes
  - JDK-8274795: AArch64: avoid spilling and restoring r18 in macro assembler
  - JDK-8274935: dumptime_table has stale entry
  - JDK-8274944: AppCDS dump causes SEGV in VM thread while adjusting lambda proxy class info
  - JDK-8275326: C2: assert(no_dead_loop) failed: dead loop detected
  - JDK-8275330: C2:  assert(n->is_Root() || n->is_Region() || n->is_Phi() || n->is_MachMerge() || def_block->dominates(block)) failed: uses must be dominated by definitions
  - JDK-8275536: Add test to check that File::lastModified returns same time stamp as Files.getLastModifiedTime
  - JDK-8275586: Zero: Simplify interpreter initialization
  - JDK-8275608: runtime/Metaspace/elastic/TestMetaspaceAllocationMT2 too slow
  - JDK-8275610: C2: Object field load floats above its null check resulting in a segfault
  - JDK-8275643: C2's unaryOp vector intrinsic does not properly handle LongVector.neg
  - JDK-8275645: [JVMCI] avoid unaligned volatile reads on AArch64
  - JDK-8275650: Problemlist java/io/File/createTempFile/ for Windows 11
  - JDK-8275687: runtime/CommandLine/PrintTouchedMethods test shouldn't catch RuntimeException
  - JDK-8275800: Redefinition leaks MethodData::_extra_data_lock
  - JDK-8275847: Scheduling fails with "too many D-U pinch points" on small method
  - JDK-8275874: [JVMCI] only support aligned reads in c2v_readFieldValue
  - JDK-8276057: Update JMH devkit to 1.33
  - JDK-8276141: XPathFactory set/getProperty method
  - JDK-8276177: nsk/jvmti/RedefineClasses/StressRedefineWithoutBytecodeCorruption failed with "assert(def_ik->is_being_redefined()) failed: should be being redefined to get here"
  - JDK-8276314: [JVMCI] check alignment of call displacement during code installation
  - JDK-8276623: JDK-8275650 accidentally pushed "out" file
  - JDK-8276654: element-list order is non deterministic
  - JDK-8276662: Scalability bottleneck in SymbolTable::lookup_common()
  - JDK-8276764: Enable deterministic file content ordering for Jar and Jmod
  - JDK-8276766: Enable jar and jmod to produce deterministic timestamped content
  - JDK-8276841: Add support for Visual Studio 2022
  - JDK-8277069: [REDO] JDK-8276743 Make openjdk build Zip Archive generation "reproducible"
  - JDK-8277137: Set OnSpinWaitInst/OnSpinWaitInstCount defaults to "isb"/1 for Arm Neoverse N1
  - JDK-8277180: Intrinsify recursive ObjectMonitor locking for C2 x64 and A64
  - JDK-8277299: STACK_OVERFLOW in Java_sun_awt_shell_Win32ShellFolder2_getIconBits
  - JDK-8277328: jdk/jshell/ failures on Windows
  - JDK-8277342: vmTestbase/nsk/stress/strace/ fails with SIGSEGV in InstanceKlass::jni_id_for
  - JDK-8277383: VM.metaspace optionally show chunk freelist details
  - JDK-8277385: Zero: Enable CompactStrings support
  - JDK-8277441: CompileQueue::add fails with assert(_last->next() == __null) failed: not last
  - JDK-8277447: Hotspot C1 compiler crashes on Kotlin suspend fun with loop
  - JDK-8277449: compiler/vectorapi/ fails with release VMs
  - JDK-8277488: Add expiry exception for Digicert (geotrustglobalca) expiring in May 2022
  - JDK-8277497: Last column cell in the JTable row is read as empty cell
  - JDK-8277503: compiler/onSpinWait/ failed with "OnSpinWaitInst with the expected value 'isb' not found."
  - JDK-8277762: Allow configuration of HOTSPOT_BUILD_USER
  - JDK-8277777: [Vector API] assert(r->is_XMMRegister()) failed: must be in
  - JDK-8277795: ldap connection timeout not honoured under contention
  - JDK-8277846: Implement fast-path for ASCII-compatible CharsetEncoders on ppc64
  - JDK-8277919: OldObjectSample event causing bloat in the class constant pool in JFR recording
  - JDK-8277992: Add fast jdk_svc subtests to jdk:tier3
  - JDK-8278016: Add compiler tests to tier{2,3}
  - JDK-8278020: ~13% variation in Renaissance-Scrabble
  - JDK-8278080: Add --with-cacerts-src='user cacerts folder' to enable deterministic cacerts generation
  - JDK-8278099: two sun/security/pkcs11/Signature tests failed with AssertionError
  - JDK-8278104: C1 should support the compiler directive 'BreakAtExecute'
  - JDK-8278115: gc/stress/gclocker/ has duplicate -Xmx
  - JDK-8278116: runtime/modules/ has duplicate -Xmx
  - JDK-8278163: --with-cacerts-src variable resolved after GenerateCacerts recipe setup
  - JDK-8278172: java/nio/channels/FileChannel/ should only run on Linux
  - JDK-8278185: Custom JRE cannot find non-ASCII named module inside
  - JDK-8278239: vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/RedefineClasses/StressRedefine failed with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0x000000000000000d
  - JDK-8278241: Implement JVM SpinPause on linux-aarch64
  - JDK-8278309: [windows] use of uninitialized OSThread::_state
  - JDK-8278344: sun/security/pkcs12/ test fails because of different openssl output
  - JDK-8278346: java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/ fails on Linux SLES15 machine
  - JDK-8278381: [GCC 11] Address::make_raw() does not initialize rspec
  - JDK-8278384: Bytecodes::result_type() for arraylength returns T_VOID instead of T_INT
  - JDK-8278389: SuspendibleThreadSet::_suspend_all should be volatile/atomic
  - JDK-8278526: [macos] Screen reader reads SwingSet2 JTable row selection as null, dimmed row for last column
  - JDK-8278604: SwingSet2 table demo does not have accessible description set for images
  - JDK-8278627: Shenandoah: TestHeapDump test failed
  - JDK-8278758: runtime/BootstrapMethod/ fails with release VMs after JDK-8262134
  - JDK-8278822: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-17.0.3
  - JDK-8278824: Uneven work distribution when scanning heap roots in G1
  - JDK-8278871: [JVMCI] assert((uint)reason < 2* _trap_hist_limit) failed: oob
  - JDK-8278951: containers/cgroup/ fails on Ubuntu 21.10
  - JDK-8278987: failed with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in __write_sample_info__
  - JDK-8279011: JFR: JfrChunkWriter incorrectly handles int64_t chunk size as size_t
  - JDK-8279076: C2: Bad AD file when matching SqrtF with UseSSE=0
  - JDK-8279124: VM does not handle SIGQUIT during initialization
  - JDK-8279225: [arm32] C1 longs comparison operation destroys argument registers
  - JDK-8279300: [arm32] SIGILL when running GetObjectSizeIntrinsicsTest
  - JDK-8279379: GHA: Print tests that are in error
  - JDK-8279385: [test]  Adjust sun/security/pkcs12/ after 8278344
  - JDK-8279412: [JVMCI] failed speculations list must outlive any nmethod that refers to it
  - JDK-8279445: Update JMH devkit to 1.34
  - JDK-8279453: Disable tools/jar/ on 32-bit platforms
  - JDK-8279505: Update documentation for RETRY_COUNT and REPEAT_COUNT
  - JDK-8279669: test/jdk/com/sun/jdi/ uses wrong condition
  - JDK-8279695: [TESTBUG] modify compiler/loopopts/ to run on C1 also
  - JDK-8279702: [macosx] ignore xcodebuild warnings on M1
  - JDK-8279833: Loop optimization issue in String.encodeUTF8_UTF16
  - JDK-8279924: [PPC64, s390] implement frame::is_interpreted_frame_valid checks
  - JDK-8279998: PPC64 debug builds fail with "untested: RangeCheckStub: predicate_failed_trap_id"
  - JDK-8280002: jmap -histo may leak stream
  - JDK-8280155: [PPC64, s390] frame size checks are not yet correct
  - JDK-8280373: Update Xalan serializer / SystemIDResolver to align with JDK-8270492
  - JDK-8280414: Memory leak in DefaultProxySelector
  - JDK-8280526: x86_32 Math.sqrt performance regression with -XX:UseSSE={0,1}
  - JDK-8281061: [s390] JFR runs into assertions while validating interpreter frames
  - JDK-8281460: Let ObjectMonitor have its own NMT category
  - JDK-8282219: jdk/java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ fails on AIX
  - JDK-8282300: Throws NamingException instead of InvalidNameException after JDK-8278972
  - JDK-8282397: createTempFile method of is failing when called with suffix of spaces character
  - JDK-8282761: XPathFactoryImpl remove setProperty and getProperty methods
  - JDK-8284548: Invalid XPath expression causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  - JDK-8284920: Incorrect Token type causes XPath expression to return empty result

Notes on individual issues:


JDK-8278356: Improve file creation
This release changes the Windows implementation of `` so
that stricter validity checks are performed by default on file
paths. This includes disallowing colons (‘:’) in the path other than
immediately after a single drive letter. It also disallows paths which
represent NTFS Alternate Data Streams (ADS) such as
“filename:streamname”. To disable strict path checking in
``, the system property `` should be
set to `true` (case ignored). This might be preferable if, for
example, Windows special device paths such as `NUL:` are used.


JDK-8274791: Support for RSASSA-PSS in OCSP Response
An OCSP response signed with the RSASSA-PSS algorithm is now supported.
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