jdk8-b107: HotSpot

Alejandro E Murillo alejandro.murillo at oracle.com
Tue Sep 10 14:54:29 PDT 2013

hs25-b49 has been integrated into jdk8-b107.


Component : VM
Status    : 0 major failures, 0 minor failures
Date      : 09/10/2013 at 21:57
Tested By : VM SQE &leonid.mesnik at oracle.com
Cost(total man-days): 1

Workspace : 2013-09-06-180541.jcoomes.hs25-b49-snapshot
Bundles   : 2013-09-06-180541.jcoomes.hs25-b49-snapshot

Platforms :

Tests     :/net/sqenfs-1.sfbay/export1/comp/vm/testbase/
Browsers  : NA
Patches   : NA
Logs      :http://surl.us.oracle.com/PIT_HS25b49
Number of Tests Executed : 343301 passed tests, 4705 failed tests

Bug verification status:
  Tested, Pass:

  Tested, Pass (partial fixes):

  Tested, Fail:

  Untested bug fixes:
     Setup is not available:
6991327: using -Xprof trigger native memory leak
7199175: JSR 292: C1 needs patching when invokedynamic/invokehandle call site is not linked
8009062: poor performance of JNI AttachCurrentThread after fix for 7017193
8012294: remove generic handling for default methods
8012972: Incremental Inlining should support scalar replaced object in debug info
8013938: Native OOME on fastdebug VM on Solaris
8016155: SIGBUS when running Kitchensink with ParallelScavenge and ParallelOld
8016277: Crash in nmethod::is_compiled_by_c1() on x86
8016764: JVM does not prohibit invokespecial in c.f.v 51.0 that invokes default interface method in c.f.v 52.0
8019902: G1: Use the average heap size rather than the minimum heap size to calculate the region size
8020489: VM crash when non-existent interface called by invokespecial
8020622: create.bat on Windows failed to create project file for Visual Studio 2012
8020675: invalid jar file in the bootclasspath could lead to jvm fatal error
8020692: TestGCEventMixed.java failed because of timestamp in event after end event
8021954: VM SIGSEGV during classloading on MacOS; hs_err_pid file produced
8022283: Assertion failed: assert(is_loaded() && field->holder()->is_loaded() && klass()->is_subclass_of (field->holder())) failed: invalid access
8022407: sun/misc/CopyMemory.java fails with SIGSEGV in Unsafe_SetByte+0x35
8022456: LogCompilation tool does not work with C1 output again
8022595: JSR292: deadlock during class loading of MethodHandles, MethodHandleImpl & MethodHandleNatives
8023381: VM fails to initialize in runtime/CDSCompressedKPtrs/XShareAuto.java runtime/SharedArchiveFile/CdsSameObjectAlignment.java
8023472: C2 optimization breaks with G1
8023477: Invalid CP index when reading ConstantPool.
8023597: Optimize G1 barriers code for unsafe load_store
8023638: Add the regression test for 8006997
8023691: Create interface for nodes in class Block
8023720: (hotspot) setjmp/longjmp changes the process signal mask on OS X
8023872: Verification error in generated lambda classes
8023976: assert(!CompilationPolicy::can_be_compiled(this, comp_level)) failed: sanity check
8023988: Move local scheduling of nodes to the CFG creation and code motion phase (PhaseCFG)
8024022: new hotspot build - hs25-b49
8024050: Incorrect optimization level and comment specified for unsafe.cpp
8024095: Missing brackets in local scheduling code.

     Build change only:

  New bugs filed:
     Bugs in PIT build:

     Bugs in earlier promoted build:

Number of PIT requested: 1
Integration target J2SE build number: 1.8.0-b107.

Issues and Notes:
   This is PIT for HS25 b49 for JDK 8 b107.


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