jdk8-b108: JSN, Tools, Core Libraries, Serviceability, 2d, Awt, and Swing

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Tue Sep 17 17:50:44 PDT 2013



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8024697   client-libs     Fix for 8020983 causes Xcheck:jni warnings
JDK-8024511   client-libs     Crash during color profile destruction
JDK-8024261   client-libs     xrender: improve performance of small fillRect operations
JDK-8023577   client-libs     closed/sun/java2d/SunGraphics2D/CoordinateTruncationBug.java failed on linux 
JDK-8023097   client-libs     t2k.dll crash in T2KFontScaler.getGlyphMetricsNative with NaN rotation
JDK-8023052   client-libs     JVM crash in native layout
JDK-8017469   client-libs     [macosx] Printing problem using ja and zh_CN locales
JDK-7189452   client-libs     XRender pipeline does ignore source-surface offset for text rendering
JDK-7159455   client-libs     Nimbus scrollbar rendering glitch with xrender enabled on i945GM
JDK-7043064   client-libs     sun/java2d/cmm/ tests failed against RI b141 & b138-nightly
JDK-4673406   client-libs     RFE: Java Printing:  Provide a way to display win32 printer driver's dialog
JDK-8024874   core-libs       Copy-paste typo in the spec for j.u.Comparator.thenComparing(Function, Comparator)
JDK-8024847   core-libs       Java.to should accept mirror and external JSObjects as array-like objects as well
JDK-8024846   core-libs       VerifyError on valid code - arguments initialized as a local var confuses codegenerator
JDK-8024837   core-libs       Rename java/util/concurrent/ConcurrentHashMap/toArray.java to ToArray.java
JDK-8024825   core-libs       Some fixes are missing from java.util.stream spec update
JDK-8024693   core-libs       Various minor issues with JSONWriter used by script parser API
JDK-8024675   core-libs       java/net/NetworkInterface/UniqueMacAddressesTest.java fails on Windows
JDK-8024644   core-libs       PluggableJSObject.iteratingJSObjectTest fails with jdk8-tl build
JDK-8024619   core-libs       JDBC java.sql.DriverManager is not usable from JS script
JDK-8024618   core-libs       Issues with French locale on compact1,2: expected:<janvier> but was:<January>
JDK-8024615   core-libs       Refactor ScriptObjectMirror and JSObject to support external JSObject implementations
JDK-8024601   core-libs       Windows networking code prevents use of -Xlint:auxiliaryclass in jdk build
JDK-8024539   core-libs       FX Libraries update missing file
JDK-8024525   core-libs       Make Logger log methods call isLoggable()
JDK-8024512   core-libs       Regex /[^\[]/ doesn't match
JDK-8024508   core-libs       Fix doclint issues in com.sun.nio.sctp
JDK-8024500   core-libs       Missing API coverage for java.util.function.BiFunction andThen
JDK-8024476   core-libs       Octane regression on Richards
JDK-8024397   core-libs       Nashorn FX Libraries need to be finalized.
JDK-8024339   core-libs       j.u.s.Stream.reduce(BinaryOperator) throws unexpected NPE 
JDK-8024338   core-libs       Constant fields introduced by JDK-4759491 fix in b94 are exposed as public fields in public API
JDK-8024332   core-libs       sun/util/resources/en split between rt.jar and localedata.jar
JDK-8024283   core-libs       10 nashorn tests fail with similar stack trace InternalError with cause being NoClassDefFoundError
JDK-8024260   core-libs       closed/java/lang/invoke/* tests failing after overhaul to MethodHandleInfo
JDK-8024255   core-libs       When a keyword is used as object property name, the property can not be deleted
JDK-8024182   core-libs       test/java/util/Arrays/SetAllTest.java fails to compile due to recent compiler changes
JDK-8024180   core-libs       Incorrect handling of expression and parent scope in 'with' statements
JDK-8024178   core-libs       Difference in Stream.collect(Collector) methods located in jdk8 and jdk8-lambda repos
JDK-8024174   core-libs       Setting __proto__ property in Object literal should be supported
JDK-8024164   core-libs       JSR310 serialization should be described in details
JDK-8024151   core-libs       Add timezone displayname file for L10n
JDK-8024141   core-libs       Unexpected timezone display name
JDK-8024131   core-libs       Issues with cached localizedLevelName in java.util.logging.Level
JDK-8024130   core-libs       Do we need to force slots for temporaries in self-assign?
JDK-8024120   core-libs       Setting __proto__ to null removes the __proto__ property
JDK-8024103   core-libs       AtomicLongArray getAndAccumulate/accumulateAndGet have int type for new value arg
JDK-8024015   core-libs       Test.groups move jdk/lambda tests into jdk_lang group
JDK-8024014   core-libs       TEST.groups separate jdk_collections jdk_concurrent and jdk_streams out of jdk_util
JDK-8024009   core-libs       Remove jdk.map.useRandomSeed system property 
JDK-8023997   core-libs       j.l.String.join(java.lang.CharSequence, java.lang.Iterable) sample doesn't compile and is incorrect
JDK-8023943   core-libs       Method description fix for String.toLower/UpperCase() methods
JDK-8023881   core-libs       IDN.USE_STD3_ASCII_RULES option is too strict to use Unicode in IDN.toASCII
JDK-8023878   core-libs       (fs) TEST_BUG java/nio/file/WatchService/SensitivityModifier.java fails intermittently
JDK-8023765   core-libs       Improve MaxPathLength.java testcase and reduce its test load
JDK-8023639   core-libs       Difference between LocalTime.now(Clock.systemDefaultZone()) and LocalTime.now() executed successively is more than 100 000 000 nanoseconds for slow machines
JDK-8023556   core-libs       Update javadoc for start of Meiji era
JDK-8023463   core-libs       Improvements to HashMap/LinkedHashMap use of bins/buckets and trees (red/black)
JDK-8023447   core-libs       change specification to allow RMI activation to be optional
JDK-8023326   core-libs       [TESTBUG] java/net/CookieHandler/LocalHostCookie.java misplaced try/finally
JDK-8023168   core-libs       Cleanup LogManager class initialization and LogManager/LoggerContext relationship
JDK-8023090   core-libs       Additional debug info for java/net/NetworkInterface/Equals.java
JDK-8022572   core-libs       Same exception instances thrown from j.u.stream.Stream.onClose() handlers are not listed as suppressed
JDK-8022237   core-libs       j.u.s.BaseStream.onClose() has an issue in implementation or requires spec clarification
JDK-8022176   core-libs       Weaken contract of java.lang.AutoCloseable
JDK-8021591   core-libs       Additional NPE checks
JDK-8021372   core-libs       NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces() returns duplicate hardware address
JDK-8021050   core-libs       MethodHandleInfo throws exception when method handle is to a method with @CallerSensitive
JDK-8021003   core-libs       java/util/logging/Logger/getGlobal/TestGetGlobalConcurrent.java fails intermittently
JDK-8020687   core-libs       Deflater.setLevel does not work as expected
JDK-8019945   core-libs       test/java/util/logging/LogManagerInstanceTest.java failing intermittently
JDK-8019853   core-libs       Break logging and AWT circular dependency
JDK-8017513   core-libs       Support for closeable streams
JDK-8016127   core-libs       NLS: logging.properties translatability recommendation
JDK-8015340   core-libs       Documentation error in java.sql.PreparedStatement#setObject since 1.6 not 1.5
JDK-8014967   core-libs       SPEC: Behavior of DriverManager.registerDriver(dr) is unspecified if driver is null
JDK-8012913   core-libs       LinkedHashMap key/value/entry spliterators should report ORDERED
JDK-8011916   core-libs       Spec update for java.util.stream
JDK-8010430   core-libs       Math.round has surprising behavior for odd values of ulp 1
JDK-8010293   core-libs       java/util/concurrent/ConcurrentHashMap/toArray.java fails intermittently
JDK-8008981   core-libs       Deprecate SecurityManager checkTopLevelWindow, checkSystemClipboardAccess, checkAwtEventQueueAccess
JDK-8008688   core-libs       Make MethodHandleInfo public
JDK-7199674   core-libs       (props) user.home property does not return an accessible location in sandboxed environment [macosx]
JDK-7186311   core-libs       (props) "Unicode" is misspelled as "Uniocde" in JavaDoc and error message
JDK-7160013   core-libs       java/io/File/MaxPathLength.java fails
JDK-7097386   core-libs       javax.sql.rowset.Predicate documentation wrong algorithm example
JDK-6962494   core-libs       Update documentation on Executable.getParameterAnnotations()
JDK-6823527   core-libs       java.util.logging.Handler has thread safety issues
JDK-6458027   core-libs       Disabling IPv6 on a specific network interface causes problems
JDK-6341345   core-libs       (spec) Console.reader() should make it clear that the reader requires line termination
JDK-5047859   core-libs       (reflect) Class.getField can't find String[].length
JDK-4987375   core-libs       (reflect) Class.get{Declared}Method{s} does not return clone() for array types
JDK-8024018   core-svc        closed/javax/management/remote/mBeanCreation/MBeanCreationWithPasswdTest.java failed on windows
JDK-8023669   core-svc        MBean*Info.hashCode : NPE
JDK-8023529   core-svc        OpenMBeanInfoSupport.equals/hashCode throw NPE
JDK-8023464   core-svc        test/closed/sun/tracing/ProviderProxyTest.java failing
JDK-8004179   core-svc        Few of test/java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/* tests don't clean up the created threads
JDK-6815130   core-svc        Intermittent ThreadMXBean/Locks.java test failure
JDK-6566891   core-svc        RMIConnector: map value referencing map key in WeakHashMap prevents map entry to be removed
JDK-8024288   docs            javadoc generated-by comment should always be present
JDK-8023833   docs            Replace direct use of AnnotatedType in javadoc code
JDK-8023700   docs            Use non breaking space in various labels
JDK-8022738   docs            doclet should only generate functional interface text if source >= 8
JDK-8015663   docs            Need to supply tests to provide javadoc for profiles support code coverage
JDK-8015496   docs            Information that package is deprecated is missing in profiles view
JDK-8008367   docs            Sub-packages missing from Profiles javadoc
JDK-7198273   docs            RFE : Javadoc Accessibility : Hyperlinks should contain text or an image with alt text
JDK-8024643   infrastructure  Turn on javac lint checking in building the jdk repo
JDK-8024201   infrastructure  Update webrev.ksh bug urls to point to OpenJDK bug database
JDK-8024200   infrastructure  hgforest.sh fails to detect Python correctly if space after shebang
JDK-8024140   other-libs      [TESTBUG] Profile based regression test groups for jdk repo
JDK-8017195   other-libs      Introduce option to setKeepAlive parameter on CORBA sockets
JDK-8024501   security-libs   sun.security.mscapi.Key has no definition of serialVersionUID
JDK-8024444   security-libs   Change to use othervm mode of tests in SSLEngineImpl
JDK-8024432   security-libs   Fix doclint issues in java.security
JDK-8024139   security-libs   Need to expose the cause of JDK-8024123
JDK-8024068   security-libs   sun/security/ssl/javax/net/ssl/ServerName/IllegalSNIName.java fails
JDK-8024046   security-libs   Test sun/security/krb5/runNameEquals.sh failed on 7u45 Embedded linux-ppc*
JDK-8023362   security-libs   Don't allow soft-fail behavior if OCSP responder returns "unauthorized"
JDK-7188657   security-libs   There should be a way to reorder the JSSE ciphers
JDK-8024510   tools           lib/combo/tools/javac/combo/TemplateTest.java fails
JDK-8024434   tools           problem running javadoc tests in samevm mode on Windows
JDK-8024414   tools           javac, should facilitate the use of the bootstrap compiler for debugging
JDK-8024398   tools           javac, compiler crashes with try with empty body
JDK-8024207   tools           javac crash in Flow.AssignAnalyzer.visitIdent
JDK-8024154   tools           Fix for 8016177: structural most specific and stuckness breaks 6 langtools tests
JDK-8024093   tools           Two *.rej files checked in to langtools/test directory
JDK-8024039   tools           javac, previous solution for JDK-8022186 was incorrect
JDK-8023974   tools           Drop 'implements Completer' and 'implements SourceCompleter' from ClassReader resp. JavaCompiler.
JDK-8023608   tools           method grouping tabs folding issue 
JDK-8023558   tools           Javac creates invalid bootstrap methods for complex lambda/methodref case
JDK-8023549   tools           Compiler emitting spurious errors when constructor reference type is inferred and explicit type arguments are supplied
JDK-8023545   tools           Misleading error message when using diamond operator with private constructor
JDK-8023389   tools           Javac fails to infer type for lambda used with intersection type and wildcards
JDK-8022322   tools           Reject default and static methods in annotation
JDK-8022260   tools           Rename javac.code.Annotations to javac.code.SymbolMetadata
JDK-8022162   tools           Incorrect signature determination for certain inner class generics
JDK-8021112   tools           Spurious unchecked warning reported by javac
JDK-8020816   tools           Metafactory crashes on code with method reference
JDK-8019521   tools           Enhanced rethrow disabled in lambdas
JDK-8016177   tools           structural most specific and stuckness
JDK-8015882   tools           Javadoc prints NPE when using Taglet
JDK-8015322   tools           Javac template test framework
JDK-8013846   tools           javac fails to reject semantically equivalent generic method declarations
JDK-8008275   tools           javac.Main should be @Supported
JDK-8006972   tools           jtreg test fails: test/tools/javac/processing/model/element/TestMissingElement/TestMissingElement.java
JDK-8005222   tools           Fixed bugs should have tests with bugid in @bug tag
JDK-7186632   tools           NLS t13y issue on jar.properties file
JDK-7172176   tools           test/sun/tools/jconsole/ImmutableResourceTest.sh failing
JDK-7047734   tools           javac, the LVT is not generated correctly in several scenarios
JDK-6480588   tools           No way to suppress deprecation warnings when implementing deprecated interface

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