OpenJDK 8u232-b02 EA Released

Andrew John Hughes gnu.andrew at
Wed Aug 7 04:19:58 UTC 2019

I've made available an early access source bundle for 8u232, based on
the tag jdk8u232-b02:

The tarball is accompanied by a digital signature available at:

This is signed by our new Red Hat OpenJDK key (openjdk at

PGP Key: rsa4096/0x92EF8D39DC13168F (hkp://
Fingerprint = CA5F 11C6 CE22 644D 42C6  AC44 92EF 8D39 DC13 168F

SHA256 checksums:


They are listed at

Changes in 8u232-b02:
  - S8075546: Add tiered testing definitions to the langtools repo
  - S8202252: (aio) Closed AsynchronousSocketChannel keeps completion
handler alive
  - S8216597: SIGBUS in
Java_sun_security_pkcs11_wrapper_PKCS11_getNativeKeyInfo after JDK-6913047
  - S8220513: Wrapper Key may get deleted when closing sessions in
SunPKCS11 crypto provider
  - S8222737: [TESTBUG] Allow for tier 1 like testing in OpenJDK 8u
  - S8224580: Matcher can cause oop field/array element to be reloaded
  - S8226543: Reduce GC pressure during message digest calculations in
password-based encryption

Andrew :)

Senior Free Java Software Engineer
Red Hat, Inc. (

PGP Key: ed25519/0xCFDA0F9B35964222 (hkp://
Fingerprint = 5132 579D D154 0ED2 3E04  C5A0 CFDA 0F9B 3596 4222

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