JDK 8 updates process: jdk8u-dev and jdk8u forests, fix versions, fix approval process

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at sap.com
Fri Feb 22 15:31:24 UTC 2019

Hi Andrew,

it seems the OpenJDK 8u211 backporting works have begun. But I feel the communication about some process details has not been clear enough. It’s about repositories, fix versions and labels. So, I’d like you to have a look at my questions below and give some guidance/confirmation/correction.

We’ll use the jdk8u-fix-request/jdk8u-fix-yes (or no?) process as in jdk11, correct? I thought so by reading the previous mail threads and hence added the request label to all items where push approval has been asked for in the last 2 days. Hope that was ok ��

The latest pushes to jdk8u-dev (which date back a few days) indicate that the fix version that hgupdater uses when handling pushes to jdk8u-dev is “openjdk8u”. I understand that the request has been made to add the fix version “openjdk8u211” to JBS and to use it for jd8u-dev by hgupdater. Is that correct?

Can you please communicate once “openjdk8u211” is available?

If you agree, I would fix the existing “openjdk8u” backport issues to set their fix version to “openjdk8u211” once the latter is available. That way it’ll be clearer for people that search in the JBS system in which OpenJDK update they should expect their fixes. Ok?

Furthermore, I have the understanding that all open fixes should now be pushed to jdk8u-dev until we reach a state when all is in and we can merge/copy into jdk8u. Correct?

Thanks & Best regards

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