[8u] Request for enhancement backport approval for CR 8207258- Distrust TLS server certificates anchored by Symantec Root CAs

Liu, Xin xxinliu at amazon.com
Wed Feb 27 02:46:17 UTC 2019

Hi, Andrew and Aleksey, 

Thanks! Here is a new revision of two backport patches. 

Delete irrelevant code change, fix the indents and pass jcheck. 

On 2/26/19, 12:58 PM, "Andrew Hughes" <gnu.andrew at redhat.com> wrote:

    On Tue, 26 Feb 2019 at 18:12, Aleksey Shipilev <shade at redhat.com> wrote:
    > On 2/26/19 7:04 PM, Liu, Xin wrote:
    > > When I backport , I always wonder if I shall keep backport patch as intact as possible or piggyback tide-up code?
    > Keep it intact as much as possible.
    > Cleanups can and should follow up as the patch in dev, and then trickle down as backports, if needed.
    > -Aleksey
    For backports, apply the patch as is. If you find it depends on
    changes in earlier fixes, backport those
    first. Unless they are trivial, this should be in their own
    changesets. Either way, make sure to include
    the bug IDs of all changes backported for tracking purposes. Some of
    the more annoying cases I've
    found when backporting are where you are trying to apply a fix which
    doesn't appear to be there, and it
    fails, only to find that this is because the changes are there, but
    under the auspices of a completely
    different bug.
    In short, hg log -k <bug ID> should work for every backported bug.
    As to jcheck, it hooks into your Mercurial setup and runs during
    commit. You can use this to catch
    issues at the stage, rather than when you push and the server runs
    jcheck, rejecting your push.
    Andrew :)
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