Backport vmTestbase tests to jdk8u-dev?

Konstantin Shefov kshefov at
Wed Sep 11 07:53:13 UTC 2019

Hi, LX

Answering to your e-mail, as for what we modified in [3]:

  1.  API changes (Process, Unsafe), Xloggc option, that were not in your patches;
  2.  In a file hotspot/test/JtregNativeHotspot.gmk we changed “-lpthread” option to “-pthread” to prevent compilation error.

I agree that there should be a series of patches to track file changes.

As for investigation of failures: do you have the same? We ran against Arm64 platform, but we can try against x86-64 too.


From: Liu, Xin <xxinliu at>
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To: Konstantin Shefov <kshefov at>; jdk8u-dev at
Subject: Re: Backport vmTestbase tests to jdk8u-dev?

Hi, Konstantin,

We are glad to work with you to get vmTestbase landed into jdk8u.
Our original intent is get design reviewed by the  jdk8u maintainer.  After then, we can proceed to refactor it.  We can work together to refactor it. we plan to do it anyway.

Back to the webrev you send.  What did you modify in [3]?
Ideally, we can should have a series of patches.  The first one should be intact vmTestbase code from the tip of JDK. All we changes should come after it and  be reviewed by this mail-list.
In addition to refactoring, we can also offer help to figure out those failed cases. What do you think?


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Subject: Re: Backport vmTestbase tests to jdk8u-dev?


We at Azul think it is a good idea to backport vmTestbase tests to OpenJDK 8.

We have used patches you suggested, done some refactoring to enable more tests to work with JDK 8.

We have run all 3550 tests from “vmTestbase” folder against Zulu 8 at ARM64 platform:

  1.  3371 tests PASS (see [1]);
  2.  179 tests FAIL (see [2]): reasons are being investigated.

Patches we have used (contain our refactoring):

  1.  Hotspot folder [3]
  2.  Main folder [4]

We plan to investigate causes of those 177 failures, purify unused code from hotspot/test/test/lib/jdk, and run the tests against different platforms.

We also compared vmTestbase from JDK 11 with that from JDK 13, we found out:

  1.  332 test have been removed in JDK 13;
  2.  Only 2 test have been added in JDK 13;
  3.  Tests that remained were modified, but these modifications mostly are copyright years, or output format, or API changes.
From the above results we can tell that vmTestbase does not grow. It looks like that tests are been removed from there or transferred somewhere else.



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